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  1. I finally got some of my Reaper Chronoscope cowboys onto the table. I played Fistful of Lead for the first time and really enjoyed it. Very 'sandbox', and there's a really good card draw mechanic for initiative.
  2. I've put this together for an Araby/Arabian Nights army for things like Oathmark or Kings of War. The sword lady is from the Warlord range. Two of the elementals (the rounder ones) are Reaper Bones and the seated lady is from Reaper as well. The Chap in the middle is from Midlam Miniatures. If I had my time again I'd pin the sword holder onto the carpet. It's done now though!
  3. So, didn't really do any slower paint jobs. Am still on a bit of a speed painting units track. Did a bit more work the LOTR minis from Half Pint Heroines. Didn't touch the centaurs. Did crack on and do a bunch of the Pulp adventurers. So I have enough for a game with those and I can always do more highlighting and details work for more satisfaction.
  4. Slowing down and enjoying the process more. At the moment, I'm enjoying having painted armies and a visible effect from 4 feet away. Not something to be ashamed of, just like reading 10 light books quickly on holiday, instead of crawling through one heavy one. Keeping on with the Half Pint Heroine KS and painting the ladies Lord of the Rings companions set in particular. Centaurs. Copplestone Castings adventurers (from his 1920s range)
  5. So I managed to paint a decent number of minis from the Dragon Bait KS. All Norse/classic dwarves so easy to use in games as a unit. I painted about 100 minis but pretty much all speed painted. Also got through a bunch of terrain. Time to focus on fewer models for a break I think.
  6. Some of us at our club are putting together Dragon Rampant armies, based on the Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books. Mine is based on 'Seas of Blood'. Not one of my absolute favorite books (I was obsessed by anything with orcs) but still enjoyed putting this together. Reaper Bones lizardmen, cyclops, and crabs. Then a mix of minis for the crew.
  7. I've got my painting space back, and had a monster game of Oathmark over Easter, with about 200 minis a side. I speed painted 50 of those in the run up, and have done various other quick speed paint jobs (zombies, and some 'eastern' minis). But no goals and no plan! I'd love to have done more of the Dragon Bait minis and or the centaurs because then I've ticked something off the list that has hung over from previous months. Then will assess what I want to use in games, and don't have painted yet.
  8. I didn't get to finish any of this. Main reason was because I lost my painting space for most of the month as we were having works done. Did manage to make a bunch of hills though, which I'd been meaning to do for years. So managed to clear a pile of foam out of the loft (or at least cut bits off and cover in paint and plaster...)
  9. Declared goals this month are Centaurs for the fantasy Greek army Some of the Bronze Age Minis KS (Half Pint Heroines) Scifi soldiers to round out a 'military' force I have for Stargrave or Xenos Rampant. Something I want to do before the end of the year is go through my claymore castings hundred years war minis, my footsore miniatures Welsh, and do a fantasy 'Arabian nights' army that could also work in part for the Crusades.
  10. I got the 40k terrain done (and some spare Bones pieces). Painted the undead for my Egyptian undead army. Didn't really get to the Bronze Age minis or the centaurs. 40 minis over all in the month and some terrain so feel like I got a decent amount done. Pleased to have struck off two goals as well.
  11. And I've managed to make the 40k buildings and put the first few coats of paint onto them. Just need to do a bit of weathering/wash and then a light drybrush.
  12. Egyptian undead done. I've not really cracked the other 3 goals but determined to sort at least one of them this month.
  13. Thank you! Very kind. Now to build a cheerleaders pyramid out of plastic skeletons...
  14. Hi everyone, I remember a DnD or Ad&d supplement about sieges, potentially with cardboard castle walls in it. The cover showed a siege and had skeletons being used in various ways to scale buildings/fill trenches. Could someone tell me if I'm imagining this or provide a screen shot please? Thanks
  15. Right. Time for some focus and discipline. I will aim to Work through the 'half pint heroines' KS from Bronze Age Miniatures (about 20 minis) Paint the centaurs (10 minis) Paint the 10 or so minis I need to round out my Egyptian undead army Make and paint the Warhammer 40k terrain that I promised to make and paint for my wargames club last year. Declaring these goals will mean I will paint anything other than the minis above.
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