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  1. For me it is expectations. If you show a huntress with a whole deer slung on her back and wearing shields as cloak clasps it is dissapointing to a degree to get the mini and have to go, oh those were just really small shield brooches from Accessorise and a tiny deer. Particularly because a big selling point of Bones is that it is light and cheap so bigger models can be more accessible. Some of the trolls are quite small but no denying the value over all in the KS.
  2. He has managed to look a lot smaller and more ignored than usual...
  3. Received the reward today. A bit of to and fro with DPD but good over all as able to get it delivered to a local big box electrical store then run to the car park and open some expensive small plastic bags... Overall am really pleased. The detail on these figures is incredible. Nothing like the first bones, really crisp but hard to show on a smart phone or YouTube video. Have a couple of gripes but those are mainly about some things being smaller than I expected. The frost giant ranger for example is a lovely one piece figure but was presented in my view on the KS as bigger. The giant crab is pretty small. Things like that. They get balanced out though by a number of the models being huge. So the Lost Valley spikey back club tail dinosaur (not its archaeological name) is huge. Really pleased over all and worth the wait. Now on to painting...
  4. Have just received shipping notification for UK today. You get an email from Reaper, the emails from the courier (mine was DPD) and then the reaper kickstarter invoice/order page gets updated as well. Planning to paint dreadmere, kobold, and bandits...
  5. In the new wargame Saga Age of Magic one of the factions can turn any terrain piece into an allied creature/monster. This led me to wonder what a 'townhouse golem' or 'cottage golem' would look like... If such a thing were made it would be good for it to be Shipwreck Golem size rather than Graveyard Golem size.
  6. Brianuk

    Lyanna Mormont miniature?

    Bad Squiddo Games have a homage, mounted and on foot.
  7. Brianuk

    Dwarf heavy Infantry

    These are mainly from the Oathmark Dwarf heavy Infantry kit from North star, with some Statuesque miniatures heroic scale female heads for some dwarf shield maidens. Really quick to paint, as mainly covered in dry brushable armour...
  8. Brianuk

    Orc kitbash.

    Bit of a kitbash here. The chap with the spear is from Alternative Armies. The others are a mix of Warlord orc heads (previously Wargames Factory) with two frostgrave arms and bodies, one Oathmark goblin, and one Oathmark dwarf heavy infantryman. Have managed to get a really quick palette going for speed painting orcs. I prime them by brush with Vallejo dark grey primer, then use Scale 75 black metal for the armour, Vallejo hammered copper for decoration and metal details, dark red for cloth and dark brown for leather. The skin is Vallejo Model Colour Heavy Warm Grey. Then the whole model gets a black ink wash and I pick out teeth etc in light grey. These models took about 90 minutes altogether, ex drying time.
  9. Brianuk

    Dantrag 03036

    Just need to base this chap and do some final highlights. He is huge by the way, approaching 40mm tall. He is on a 30mm base.
  10. Brianuk

    Dungeon dweller kobolds

    Thank you. I mainly brought the rollers for using on xps foam for terrain but if you use the silicon rings and follow the YouTube tutorials on how to use them I think they come out well.
  11. Brianuk

    44001 Owlbear ( Bones Black) By Glitterwolf

    Lot of patience applied to that!
  12. Brianuk

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Female version of "The Fox" Central American masked swashbuckler. Also some more comic zombie/apocalypse survivors. British stereotyped ones are probably too niche but would be good to see US things like an Artisanal zombie slayer, a "hold my beer and keep the RV engine running" zombie slayer, "Get me the manager" lady, and a female survivor with the perfect gear to fight zombies. For the latter, someone who has read and brought all the things from "how to survive a zombie apocalypse" from Real Simple or Martha Stewart.
  13. Brianuk

    Hellboy board game minis

    Base coats and skin highlights for Hellboy and ABE done. Washes and shading tomorrow. Also need to look up Liz' hair.