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  1. Nope! I seem to have spent most of the month kitbashing an army for sludge. Am making a goblin redcoat army, so lots of whinging goblins and orcs with muskets and motivated leaders. The other project I've picked up is a group from the Footsore Miniatures Welsh Kickstarter. Have got 20 minis and have been blocking in, priming etc in one group. I'll probably break them down into smaller groups when I get into the detailed work.
  2. Got to the end of the zombie campaign in Q37 this evening. Best mission so far. Exploding zombies, and random forcefields cutting the board in half and separating fighters from each other, or keeping crew members next to the wrong number of zombies. Am going to play a couple of different games for a spell then come back to the alien bug campaign.
  3. Ramshackle Games do a 'build your own robot' which includes tracked options.
  4. Gorgeous set there. Really liked the Dwarf with the tartan, and the use of black lining.
  5. Modelling paste. It's basically weak spackle/filler. It doesn't smell, dries fairly quickly. Goldens are the American brand I think Windsor and Newton Galleria is a good UK brand.
  6. Goals for me are Kick off the French Indian Wars project. I've got rangers, french militia, native Americans. All wintery gear and a mix of Brigade Games and Footsore Miniatures. Then I'm going to continue working through Bones 5 Dark Depths and maybe Brinewind, as have been having fun with these. There will then be the usual side bars probably involving Stargrave. Looking ahead, I have the appetite to sort out one of the army project ideas that have been bubbling over, so will see which ones take hold.
  7. Did pretty well on the goals for this month. I painted Valfuryx. I enjoyed using the colour shift paints. I've been getting similar effects using coloured metallics and a wash though. Mordor orcs are done. A true speed paint with plenty of minis that need to be hidden in the back, but I got 32 orcs done over the weekend so am happy. Didn't start the French Indian Wars collection at all.
  8. I basically did this, found a seller with a random range of products and they were shipped in a plastic bag from China. So these days that isn't as cheap as in the before times. I don't think its worth getting these for more than a pound/dollar/euro. At c. 80p/ cents I think they are worth it. Theyre ideal for Sci fi floor tiles. They bend so may be less useful as platforms/raised areas. I've not tried. I am going to stick some together vertically with blutac for Sci fi walls though. Also, it works for me because I like the chopped look but the paint scratches off easily.
  9. There is someone selling 30 for £20 on ebay which is about what I paid (tiny bit less).
  10. These are the picks from playing the third mission in Q37. Nearly past the zombies and then onto the bugs. It was a brutal game despite having a truce with my opponent, largely because I kept feeding the q bots into combat with the zombies to stop them shooting at my wounded first mate.
  11. I've continued going through Bones V. The main thing I am trying to do is create units. Sometimes I doubled down and brought extra in the pledge manager, sometimes I went onto ebay but I just think that I will get more use from the minis if they form cohesive groups than if I just have a bunch of individual monsters and pcs. Here we have the dire eel, the gatormen, and the Dungeon Dwellers goblins. I added a couple of shields to the goblins, and reposed a couple of the gators but really didn't mess around with the minis too much. The dire eel was done with coloured metallics from Army Painter. Then a wash all over with a mix of black game wash from Vallejo, and magenta ink. A 'green gold' dry brush over the top. I basically did the same to the base, to make it look a bit like the eel is luminscent. The gatormen and goblins were pretty quick. I started with a Russian green coloured primer followed by an all over wash with GW camo shade. Then drybrushed with 'middlestone' (a khaki green) up to 'combat fatigues/webbing' (sickly light green).
  12. It's a fantastic looking game, love that it's been extended out for the additional players. Lots of zombies then!
  13. There's a 'sea sorceress' out in Bones USA which might work. Not drastically evil but definitely 'marine' feel to her.
  14. Didn't take many photos but I played thr Skymine scenario today and got to use my platforms. These are just for aquarium base levels. About 80p each and simply sprayed white and varnished. I lost but got some good swag and everyone gets to stage a full recovery.
  15. I knew this would be an expensive post to click on.... Really nicely done
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