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  1. Didn't get to the policemen in the end although they are in the queue. Put a few more coats down on the Rangers of Shadow Deep crew. I did paint some minis with guns so didn't just crank out fantasy minis.
  2. Have finished the Rangers as well, so two projects from the list are down. Have got through some cowboys/weird west minis and have some victorian horror style policemen and vampire thralls in the paint queue, for the 'guns lots of guns' project.
  3. Thank you and sorry about the pests! The armoured guy on the left with swords for arms is "Reborn, Nefsokar hero", sku14176.
  4. Thanks - although now I 'need' a resin printer...
  5. I am really enjoying Rangers of Shadow Deep as a solo play experience. I am currently painting up the opponents and some rangers for the Across the Wastes adventure. These are all Reaper, about 50/50 Bones or metal. Lots of drybrushing again. The scorpions are just dark grey spray, washed in black, with drops of 'orc blood" from Green Stuff World used as venom. I also used some foam clay to make rocks for the scorpion bases.
  6. Thank you! He is a "blackreef pirate". He is currently available but only as part of a regiment pack of 9. There is a different bald pirate mini in that set who is available singly, and is aiming a pistol. Thinking back, I brought the two of them as a pair but it was from ebay.
  7. Have painted up this motley crew to add to the pirate skirmish collection I seem to be building. The Dwarf is from the Pirates of the Dread Sea kickstarter, from a micro company in the UK. The big orc is an ogryn from Privateer Press. The chap with a musket has been painted as a half orc, he is a Reaper mini from the Warlord line.
  8. Have finished off these skeleton pirates. They are all Reaper minis from the Razig faction in the Warlord line. Really enjoyed painting these. I worked up from a cream paint spray and a sepia wash. Lots of brighter but desaturated colours for the cloth and lots of rust and brass tones for the metal. The bases are resin, from a company called MVP. I used a sepia wash again at the end of the process and then an all over drybrush with beige. The plan is to pit these against the orc pirates I have been working on. I also have some Freebooter Fate minis and some dwarf and halfling pirates from elsewhere. Plus a load of Reaper pirates. Aaaargh.
  9. Going ok with these. I've finished the Razig Pirates. Done all the washes on the Rangers of Shadow Deep. Have also finished some monsters for the Eastern/desert Rangers mission. Haven't touched the orcs. Still thinking about what to do for the 'guns lots of guns' non fantasy project. Maybe victorian horror. Have been a bit better this month on focusing on some projects rather than randomly painting a few bits of a hundred different semi painted minis...
  10. I really like Scale 75 paints and am glad that they've funded, but would never buy a whole set sight unseen. I'll wait til it hits retail, and bloggers and you tubers have had a go with it, then try a few bottles or a set. The company do make really nice paints though...
  11. Did a few more of these. I needed to do some greenstuff work to the two orcs as they have a hole in the back of their heads and I didn't want them to be hunched. I now have a unit of spearmen and a unit of archers. Will probably make some hundred years war mounted, in the same colour scheme.
  12. Razig pirates. Rangers of Shadow Deep - official rangers Orcs and goblins Eastern team for Rangers of Shadow Deep Something with guns - non fantasy
  13. I got precisely one minis project done from my list but got cracking with some other stuff, adding up to 53 minis. I didn't rush anything but it's all 'tabletop standard'...
  14. So... I painted 53 minis this month and made up a bunch of terrain, but 5 of the minis were projects. An issue about focus there but oh well. Things that derailed me included the new desert set adventure from Rangers of Shadow Deep, some Waterloo era British infantry, some nighthaunts, and a Skyrim-ish project. Will add new projects to the May thread.
  15. A hyenahbullman, presumably. Thank you!
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