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  1. I haven't seen the YouTube video. I think they are setting up a US distributor. It would presumably take them a bit of time to get into stores and websites but fingers crossed.
  2. Am starting a new thread for my projects relating to the new Stargrave Book, Quarantine 37. These are the carriages that show up in two of the missions. They are made from the longer "Quest system 1" screw organisers. They are from a Polish company, and available in the UK at screwfix, amazon and other places. For the floors, I stuck mdf bases on (2 number, 100mm x 50mm, with a renedra plastic base underneath to link together) and covered those in a wallpaper sample. The ends of the carriage are plastic tags, used to connect toddler pajama clothes hangers together. Primer s
  3. Got another game in, this time a demo for 3 new players. We used a 4 by 4 board and played the Spaceport scenario. I'd not played with the pirates/unwelcome attention rule before and its brilliant. It really encourages you to run off the board.
  4. That's a great paint job, I'm always envious of 'clean' finishes as I can never seem to get there. They are lovely figures, by Bob Murch, just a shame they're a bit small.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm interested in this but UK based. I wondered about doing this as a figure of 8. So a box goes around the UK. A box goes around the EU. Then they are 'swapped'. So there's only two cross border (hoy...) mailings.
  6. Latest part of the Stargrave terrain project, turning aquarium plants into jungle bases. The smaller plants are the type you buy on a 'mat', the taller ones are proper aquarium plants or cheapo plastic plant bits from Pound shops, pet shops, Flying Tiger. Most of these plants were not painted or inked. Just stuck with hot glue to mdf bases, brown acrylic paint, then flocked with dried herbs. A fine mix of tarragon, Italian herbs, oregano. Then used car lacquer spray as a fixer. Will be using these in Stargrave and other skirmish games.
  7. These are plastic toys from Aldi. It's basically half of the Little Town Acquatic Animals set. Primed, airbrushed, washed with magenta ink (not a premade wash, undiluted) and then drybrushed turquoise. Those are either 40mm rounds or 60x30mm oval bases, so you get quite high pieces. These will be used as alien forest scatter and for underwater settings.
  8. Am really looking forward to it. I speed painted all the aliens from Zombicide Invader a while ago so will finally get to use them in something. I'm still tempted to get some zombies but will try and resist. Spiders would look brilliant. From squinting at various flick throughs on YouTube you need some beds/medical pods for the first mission, and eventually need some carriages. Have already started bashing something together for those.
  9. Have done pretty well on this. Not too much mini painting but lots of terrain and scatter done. They'd been cluttering up the place so quite a good sense of achievement. Also a palette cleanser as a different genre than my usual fantasy painting.
  10. The wooly rhino, in Bones Orangutan Chimps Monkeys +1 vote for a norse or cold set +1 vote for a desert or Egyptian set A giant construct with a goblin or gnome pilot Barrel golems/mini shipwreck golems Orc pirates Elf pirates Skeletal/cursed conquistadors Afro futurist soldiers m and f Half orc or hobgoblin mercenaries Orcs with muskets
  11. Next mini scatter project was a vehicle. Based on a kids mini figure toy. Essentially the same paint treatment as above. People at a certain stage in life will recognise and fear the insignia. I used the new Reaper Griffin Golden Brown on the tarp. Absolutely gorgeous colour then I highlighted with the blond colour in the same set and was really pleased with how it came out. The figure is from Bones 4 Chronoscope.
  12. It's quite an open game so you could easily 'house rule' something like this. All I'd say is that the author has advised against having lots of narrow corridors/a Space Hulk type board because you end up in bottlenecks and the game breaks down. There's nothing to stop you setting up a more open environment like a cargo bay or space station. Also all the scenarios are based on grabbing as many of the bits of loot on the table as you can then running off. That might again be harder on a confined ship.
  13. Played Salvage Crew this evening. Continue to see the value in bringing a dog as it took down one chap and nearly killed opposing captain. I'm going to start replacing dead crew men with new minis unless I bring them back as robots...
  14. The wrecked ships are done. They got a Dark umber base coat and then a Vallejo umber game wash coat. Finished the tower, and the industrial space bits. Weathered with the same wash mix as used on the ships. Drybrushed with Spaceship Exterior. Then some transfers added. I need to work on transfer skills as first time using them. The house has had a wash and the ground around the base has been textured. So next steps are to do same treatment to that and sort out the path/front step that I put in. Am happy with these and think I have things I can use in a fe
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