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  1. I withdrew from Trudvang and stayed out of Zombicide 2 and MD 2 but must admit there is something about this one that is keeping my interest.
  2. Ogre sized ghasts. GHOGRES, if you will.
  3. If you are in UK or EU they released that set as part of the Mortal Realms magazine, issue 7.
  4. The Beasts of the Wyld pack, maybe remastered but actually the original sculpts are decent.
  5. You could add mops and buckets to the Northstar Frostgrave constructs. They are human/tall human scale as well. Not my pic BTW.
  6. I did manage to get to some terrain projects. I painted up a bunch of terraincrate graveyard pieces. I got through some 3d printed giant sunflowers and some sci fi crates. Then I made some scratch built/trash built buildings for Stargrave. The biggest thing I did was to create some large platforms, mainly for ROSD but for other games as well. These are 50mm tall and 90cm across (when connected together). These are nearly done (they just need edges). On the minis side, I didn't finish any of the army projects this month but put some colours onto the elves in particular and will try and clear them out next month. I had some bat demons and vampires which formed a theme so I painted all of those together, and I knocked out some uruk hai for Oathmark. Ive subscribed to Model Box which sends you a random themed selection of minis and terrain each month. As I am getting ready for Stargrave it was great to get a box with the theme 'AI' and I painted it all this weekend. 7 robots and the crates. Next month I will finish the platforms and try and crack at least one of the unit projects.
  7. Orc pirates. But including low level/goons as well as a captain. M and F. A Captain Gaston type.
  8. Green stuff world is fine to use so long as you, tear off equal parts (you need like a quarter of a pea size of each colour to fix most things on most human size minis) Keep your fingers wet when you roll it into a ball Keep the scalpel blade tip/clay shaper/pin wet when you apply it and blend/shape it. Bones tend to stick together really well without it but it's brilliant for sticking to separate limbs on metal minis to help them set, with superglue on the limb and on the body to help it all stick.
  9. All of the above. I like to mix up units with side projects in different genres, so you don't feel like you are spending your spare time on a second job painting red coats and chainmail. I also go for simple paint schemes for as many minis as possible, working up from a coloured primer and an ink wash. So Skeletons, armoured orcs or dwarves, space soldiers, what have you but something you can spray to start with. The other thing I like is to take a colour and apply it to the batch until it runs out. This is particularly effective when you have a group that aren't in uniform but need a unified scheme. Take reddy brown and do 8 gloves and 5 pouches. Then take grey brown, etc. Stop when it gets boring but over time you will turn back to a project and realise that if you do one or two more colours they are all base coated. I also limit highlights. This can make my minis look darker but you save a lot of time by leaving some areas shaded but not highlighted, then just making sure that the face and hands in particular are highlighted, along with any feature around the neck and shoulders. Final tip is to pick one or two things per mini that you like and make sure those are bright and highlighted as you want them. So the teeth necklace, belt buckle, mouse on the shoulder, whatever catches your eye, make sure you haven't just painted in brown. Finally if in doubt, paint it grey on scifi and moderns, and brown on fantasy and medieval.
  10. A half orc or hobgoblin contingent for me. Well armed, quite uniform in appearance, capable rather than wild looking. Kobold zombies. An expansion where everyone's cold. Choose between an icy wind and a frosty grave... An expansion where everyone's hot, so desert/Egyptian themed. Not just Egyptian style undead though. A deep dive into the Warlord races and factions, including the bloodstone gnomes, the werewolves, reptus.
  11. I want to take a bit of a break from minis this month and get some terrain done. This won't mean that I won't work on minis, just that I need a palette cleanser. Am half way through making some raised levels /plinths from polystyrene for skirmish games. I want to paint up Terraincrate 2. I've spray primed a bunch of it and just need to go through and drybrush. I have two ramshackle buildings from Renedra which I'd love to get done. In addition I picked up Mantic Armada. A lot of people locally seem to be getting into this and I want to get through the starter set painting all 8 ships. The hulls are all primed and washed. I am halfway through 3 projects that are in my eye line (elf infantry, goblin pirates, viking warband) nd I would love to finish those off in Feb and then have a fresh run at new things for the rest of the year.
  12. So I finished the advent calendar, total of 28 minis and didn't really get to any of the other projects. I mainly prioritised things I'd been taking slowly and had never quite finished, for Rangers of Shadow Deep in particular. Next year, am thinking of taking a month break from miniatures to work on terrain, then try and finish off the 3 current projects (elf infantry, goblin pirates, Bones 4).
  13. I finished this off. There were 28 minis in the calendar which was a nice bonus. On Christmas Eve my FLGS gave to me a murder chicken/hook horror. Lots of other nice minis in there, mainly from Bones 4. My favourite conversion was taking the Chaos Warrior and swapping in an ogre head, to create an Orc chieftain. I love the mini as is but already have one from Bones 4 that I can paint up as a classic human warrior. I've been painting a lot of units recently and it was nice to paint a mix of subjects and also practice my speed painting.
  14. Work has been crazy but have managed to finish off some minis I'd had laying around for Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I am still going to try and paint everything from my Bones advent calendar in December. It's pretty much all been from Bones 4 so far, so it loops back to my goal of painting that up before getting Bones 5. I think in the NY I will take a break from buying minis and reset the project system. At the moment I have just been painting odd minis which is lovely but doesn't lead to me having forces for games.
  15. Great achievement hopefully there is a decent sense of completion as well.
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