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  1. Brianuk

    Bones 4 big skeletons

    Yes not sure if it doesn't show up as a face or not - same with the ogre skeleton I painted elsewhere!
  2. Brianuk

    Bones 4 heck hounds

    I painted the 3 heck hounds (who guard the outskirts of the brutal circles of heck) as statues rather than going for a lava or dark red finish. I was thinking in particular of using them in Frostgrave. Basic drybrushing over a black undercoat, then a black ink wash, then a layer of modelling paste for the base, painted white. At a later stage will add a ball (or skull) and a bone.
  3. I think I have got the right mini name. He or she is from Fan Favourites. Painted simply, Scale 75 black metal, then a wash, then drybrush with Army Painter rough iron/rust colour. Tried to do a water effect on the base, layers of gloss mod podge with green ink and bits of wood from a log bag in the middle.
  4. Brianuk

    Bones 4 tidal lurker

    Am going to say this chap looks like a chuul. Just my view. Really enjoyed painting it. An orange undercoat made from Vallejo red brown primer with Vallejo dark yellow. Army painter mid brown wash, then edge highlighting with Scale 75 orange leather. Tentacles with Army Painter mutant hue. This mini already comes in one piece, on a 50mm textured round base so nothing to do there but paint yellow, drybrush khaki and add tufts.
  5. Brianuk

    Bones 4 Dreadmere halfling

    Loved painting this little chap from Dreadmere. Had ideas of painting him up as a villain or grim ranger but went back to a traditional bright Halfling pallette.
  6. Brianuk

    Bones 4 big skeletons

    Enjoyed painting these and adding a bog effect to the base. A tan primer, brown wash, metal in rusted iron, clothes in Army Painter Griffin Blue, then a mixed green and brown Army Painter wash over the whole thing. Water effects base in usual way, gloss mod podge over paint, log bag sweepings, tufts.
  7. Brianuk

    Reaper 4 wraiths

    Sorry - poor camera/phone skills!
  8. Brianuk

    Bones 4 crocodiles

    They are both one piece. Those are 50mm bases.
  9. Brianuk

    Bones 4 crocodiles

    Basic paint job on these, a yellowy green coloured primer then a green wash. Then a water effect with gloss mod podge.
  10. Here are two of the NPCs From the Dreadmere expansion. Have painted the boat as well (brown, not much to see) and am painting the giant carp. All done working up from a leather brown primer, Army Painter strong tone wash, then cream primer for light coloured areas and skin. Then I did the base coat and finished off with a mid brown wash from Army Painter.
  11. Brianuk

    Dreadmere fruella and mercenaries

    Am going to use these for Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep so avoided too 'evil' a colour scheme. There is so much character in Fruella in particular. It's just that air of having your ex husband's head in a sack...
  12. Brianuk

    Reaper 4 wraiths

    Loved painting these. They are quite big minis when you account the stones they are based on. Those are 30mm bases and the minis are about 40mm tall. I used coloured primer (a dark yellow colour) and Scale 75 black metal then lots of washes. Did a basic water effects base again with gloss mod podge over a black washed base, with the sweepings from a log bag scattered on top.
  13. Brianuk

    Bones 4 bats

    Enjoyed painting these with washes and drybrushing again. Black undercoat, brown grey drybrush, then lighter "sandalwood" details on the limbs head and body. I was going to go darker at first but these are quite small minis. Needed first for Rangers of Shadow Deep but also good for horror or dnd.
  14. Brianuk

    Amazons and Dwarves by Bad Squiddo Games

    I'm backing this one - only have good things to say about the samurai kickstarter. Distinctive models, good quality, realistic scope (ie not thousands of stretch goals) and great turnaround and delivery. Plus sweets, teabags, badges and Guinea pigs.
  15. There are lots of people on ebay who sell single sprues. The Northstar gnolls are about 7 to 10mm smaller than the Reaper ones, at least. The Reaper ones depict 7 foot tall creatures and the Northstar ones show a shorter creature, say 6 foot, and quite bent over. Am sure there are some pictures of "gnoll armies" where people have put the two together...