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  1. I use acrylic modelling paste from the art store, and when dry I paint it dark tan and dry brush cream or beige.
  2. "down with this sort of thing"...
  3. I did paint up enough Bones IV to say that I've painted 75% of what I brought. It's a nice personal milestone and I'd been aiming for something approaching 'completion' before getting to Bones V. I may try and hit 80% by going through the things I'd primed. I then didn't work on any of the goals set out above, really. I ended up pushing through painting up extra fantasy minis to fill 'gaps' in units. What tends to keep me going/buying is that I will paint 3 of something and go 'huh, if I paint 8, I'll have a point for Saga". Then I will go' huh, with 2 more minis I'll have 10, but
  4. Also if you are based in UK or are in the EU (and have your fingers crossed), snm stuff carry the Red Box range as well as Reaper.
  5. That's very sad but good to hear there's a way to help him along.
  6. Thank you everyone. Whenever I've seen Warlord indians in shops they've seemed small. There are the new mohawk minis they've done for.the mythic America game but am not sure of the size. I may need to buy a few samples of things to l Thank you will give them a look. Will have a look thank you.
  7. 32mm would be too big, ideally something heroic 28mm/Frostgrave /Perry. /mantic/old warhammer scale. Its just that there are lots of gorgeous ranges that will likely be too small.
  8. I am working on a Christian Cameron Red Knight project but also interested in French Indian wars. Do people know please of a range of Eastern native Americans, 18th century or earlier, that: Don't have many or any guns And Are 'larger scale'? They don't need to be GW scale but not really small 'true 28mm'. I think Warlord Games and Flint and Feather would be out for that reason but would be happy to be proved wrong. Any and all advice welcome, thank you
  9. The first scenario involves 7 small buildings and the second involves a small crashed spaceship with a gun that still works. I think JM is trying to make the terrain less 'single use' in this one though. No bone wheels! My main goal is to clear out some terrain projects that are cluttering things up. I spent the May Bank Holiday putting painted minis into plastic boxes and basing things I'd painted years ago before I bothered with that. Other goals, I am nearly at the point where I've painted 75% of Bones IV, including the expansions so I am trying to finish off 30 more Bone
  10. Airbrush primer is fine, although I brush mine on.
  11. Just to say/agree, the main thing is to wash the Bones models in dish soap, regardless of if or how they are going to be primed. I've often found that the Army Painter and Vallejo sprays dry tacky on Bones. I brought some of the new TT Combat sprays and they don't have that problem at all.
  12. Now with a wash and some new flock on the base.
  13. Hi everyone, does anyone know who produced this goblin/hobgoblin please? I brought him loose from an FLGS so no clue about who the manufacturer was other than that he looks old. He's on a 20mm square, not a slotta base. I'm planning to keep the original paint job although it's lighter than I'd go with, although I will be washing etc.
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