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  1. I wasn't mad on Chronoscope last time. It was a very particular style of space opera/comic book science fiction. I think it is hard to have generic Sci fi that is sufficiently popular and that might make it unattractive to make too many SF bones minis. Because of the cost of Bones they need to be sure of selling a ton of them. Also, the big SF influences all now have their own plastic mini ranges. I don't think a space marine with a bolter and 50 skulls sits well with a 'grey' with a Ray gun. Or an ewok with a cyberpunk. Compare that to DnD where, in a single world you have influences from Tolkien, medieval, ancient, Renaissance history, pirates with guns, monsters from horror films, etc. Buyers of those minis are more tolerant of different styles and periods, so people backing this KS for example probably aren't thinking 'how can that Greek soldier ever face a samurai'.
  2. Army Painter primers are great - I normally go for grey or cream rather than black or white but that's just me. Also, the Vallejo coloured airbrush primers are brilliant even if brushed on. Leather brown is a favourite. They can be used a bit like contrast paints as you put a layer straight down onto a bones mini (that has been washed in dish soap and water first) and then follow up with a sepia ink wash. That brings out all the details. Am loving the idea of Brinewind. Those skeletal pirates look cool and the human and otter ones they have teased previously look good as well. Although Reaper don't produce much 'fluff' or background material I really like the idea of Dreadmere as a setting so the more they do that kind of thing and have a cohesive, slightly different setting the better.
  3. I haven't upped my pledge yet, am just in for the cost of a core set. May add in the funds for the expansions before it ends. Progress seems steady. Lots of the big boardgames kickstarters get stuck in the doldrums at this stage. The rune wights are cool. If you brought two sets you would have a brilliant skirmish warband or unit for a slightly bigger scale game like Saga or Dragon Rampant. I would be interested to see how the two current expansions fill out. It is generous obviously to have so many big minis in the box but you want goons, npcs, human size models as well. For example, I know that you can buy ninja, samurai, geisha elsewhere but it would be good to have had some in the Reaper style and scale in the KS. On the other hand there is this really cool skirmish fame called Daisho and this expansion essentially provides all the monsters you need for that game. It is hard to get sharkmen so I could see an add on set of those being popular, as well as there being 2 or 3 in the deep depths expansion. I love pulp and victorian science fiction/fantasy so am really looking forward to anything like that. The picture thread from Reapercon suggests that if unlocks continue there will be a set of 5 dwarf axemen, a group of succubi, werewolves, and some more adventurers. Also a trio of otter privateers. All good stuff to look forward to and support. I won't repeat my long wish list from elsewhere but would also love to see a set of half orcs (that don't look evil), captives (that don't look creepy), ogre with crossbow or cannon, and something like a kobold or goblin war wagon.
  4. Am nearly done with a favourite mini of mine, the female plague doctor from Dungeon Dwellers. Part of the Bones 5 kickstarter in plastic but available now in metal. Base coat was Army Painter brush on primer with an umber wash. That left a great grey brown canvas to build up with thin paints from Scale 75. I need more highlighting on the hands (she is wearing Gloves of Heat Water and Soap Resistance + 1and they need to look more orange) and some attention to the metal areas and potion bottles.
  5. Brianuk

    Callus Darklore's sister

    Nearly finished with this mini, a male necromancer that I have converted to a female with a head swap. The mini is like a fishing weight, really heavy, and the flow of the robes and skirts in my view helps this look OK as a gender swap. Also, the original Callus mini has a long sculpted pony tail which would have been hard to file off but was easy to connect to. I have no idea how I got a large hard to disguise paint blot on the scroll...
  6. Brianuk

    Chaos Cultist

    Another evil fighter. She is quite a small mini, but nice pose and details.
  7. Brianuk

    Soriel overlords hero

    This is part of the cultist/evil NPC collection I am putting together for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Enjoyed painting him but went for a simple scheme.
  8. Brianuk

    Thull evil warrior

    Am putting together cultist looking models for Rangers of Shadow Deep. I went with the dark pallette I use for orcs on this mini. Copper armour details, dark grey brown cloak, and everything given a Vallejo Game Wash black wash.
  9. Brianuk

    Pathfinder Kul Inkit

    I don't play Pathfinder but really liked the idea of Kul Inkit being a barbarian outfitted from a crashed spaceship. I tried to include spaceship grey and bright orange to suggest this.
  10. Still liking this KS. I do miss the news section on the forum and the page trailing upcoming releases. Twitch/YouTube is fun but as people have said good to get basic/flat info as well. Overall though I'd rather have people designing and making new minis (like a pirate ship wreck) than responding to comments. I really like the Goroloth. The old one was a bit skinny and this one is more versatile. Am looking forward to the pulp investigators, Ford model A car, and dark elves that they mentioned on Reaper Live. Also keen to see what they do with Chronoscope expansion again mentioned on Twitch/Reaper Live.
  11. Am liking the Thing in the Well! Female NPCs were another favourite. The Daimyo expansion has some way to go and yes it would be good to see some more classic Japanese tropes in there (ashigaru, samurai., ninja, geisha etc) even where some of them are orcs or elves or halflings. Am loving the orcs though. Apart from the wreck of a pirate ship would love to see more warmachines/armoured beasts and monsters. They really work well in Bones. And orcs with muskets obviously.
  12. Have pledged and got in as Wave 1 in the UK. Am enjoying this and looking forward to the expansions. Impressed at how quickly the goals are being filled in. First impressions, I like that the swamp dragon looks like a bit of an a hole, rather than ferocious. Am glad to see the Dungeon Dwellers in Bones, even though I've brought the ones I liked... The young adventurers are cool and I can see the attraction if you were bringing young ones into the game. And was really pleased to see 5 elf archers in a unit. Hope they do more like that as really useful for wargaming and I think bones would be brilliant for armies/skirmish games as well as for rpgs. I have a thing for pulp and victorian minis, so have fingers crossed for those in a chronoscope expansion or add on.
  13. Brianuk

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I do like this core set over all but do already have some of the minis. It is a bit disparate but presumably they already have digital masters for their newer metal figures. If this KS goes like the last ones though the real 'cool' stuff is in the expansions and the sets and add ons. Some of the styles and concepts get really interesting when applied to a box of 50 minis or a set of 6. I really like the look of the undersea and Greek expansions for example. No dire or were badger yet though... An opportunity could be missed.
  14. Brianuk

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Am looking forward to this again. Its funny though as I have no idea if I will want to paint Greek myths or undersea folk in 18 months... Overall the expansions are still a good deal. One thing I learned was that I regretted not doubling down on the generic packs, ie the goblins, ghost pirates, dire beasts, as I had to seek those out on ebay.
  15. Brianuk

    River widows gunner

    Maybe she makes amphorae in a light clay in a novelty cannon shape? That would explain the small barrel on her belt.