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  1. Mine have arrived (UK based). Really nice minis which are ideal for Stargrave.
  2. Immediate goals are to work through the minis I've got in the eyeline by the paint station. Dwarves from Midlam Miniatures (I'll mainly use them for Oathmark), some orcs for Oathmark that have sat primed for over a year, a fire giant, and a couple of vampires for Silver Bayonet. We then have a potential Stargrave league at the local club and I want to finish a new crew for it rather than keep using the old one. Those are base coated so shouldn't be hard to finish off. I have put some minis to one side as 'good for Silver Bayonet' and will work through those. I want to round out my Oathmark armies. I want more useful units like artillery, cavalry, light infantry. I have plenty of troops painted already. Then I will look at what big projects I can work on. I have been hoarding fantasy minis and need to get an army/warband painted. The other things i really want to do, for a change, are a team for Zona Alfa and some kind of set up for the French Indian War.
  3. I managed to get a ton of batch painting done in between tidying my house for guests and stepping on non 28mm non Reaper plastic toys. This has meant that I now have a team for Silver Bayonet, a unit of Revenants and now a unit of bandits. Total of 31 more models, all done to tabletop standard. Happy new year everyone, contributing to these threads has really helped me get through the lead pile and through 2021.
  4. I didn't have the heart! I'd normally strip I suppose although last time I tried it was with enamel paints so didn't work.
  5. Cowboys done. Wolves still done. Oathmark dwarves done. I had to clear out my hobby desk for people staying over and also to reduce the amount of things in my eye line. I've kept two small trays of models, mainly units or groups of things I need for Silver Bayonet. But also a fire giant and some other fun stuff. If I get through some of those over the next week or so I will be pleased. You need quite a few Revenants/undead for Silver Bayonet and also a group of bandits. Am going to get all of those done and then turn to creating and kitbashing my team.
  6. Cowboys just about done, just need to finish basing and give a final light dusty drybrush to everything. Wolves done. Oathmark dwarves a few more colours down. Chariots and stargrave have had to go into the loft so I may switch to some other things in the queue.
  7. I brought this chap off ebay as part of a lot, and something about the paint scheme made me want to work with it rather than paint over it. Nearly done and once he's in a unit with his mates he should look less obtrusive. Basic method was a black wash to start then over brushing with metallics and blue. Skin tone was my usual for orcs, scale 75 sandalwood, black wash, army painter mauve.
  8. I've been painting a lot of fantasy minis over the last year, including a lot of Reaper, all leading to having some fantasy armies for Oathmark and other games. These pics show a human and fey alliance, including Reaper characters, monsters, and goblins. These are from a games night, playing the 'defend the oathmarks' scenario. I used the Crypt of the Dwarf King terrain for those.
  9. 3 games so far. Love it. It really flows well as a game and the alternating activation creates constant little dilemmas and opportunities. Also I've painted a lot more because I basically am approaching one of every unit in the game, because you aren't stuck with the standard single race lists in every other mass fantasy game.
  10. I've managed to get through a lot this year, although the number of minis has fallen over last two months as I did more terrain. Limited goals for me, focused on removing things in the eye line so I have both kinds of space for new projects in the NY. 5 Cowboys (all Reaper Chronoscope) these just need highlights and finishing. Oathmark dwarves batch paint. Half way through already. Citadel tomb Kings chariots. These were ebays. I'm just over painting certain details to tie them together Stargrave misc minis again lots of these are half way through base coating Wolves for silver bayonet I also have a Reaper advent calendar and will see about painting all of the minis from that (which I managed last year).
  11. It took me a while of looking, unpacking, washing, sorting but have finally started on Bones V. I've been trying to focus on things that I can use in games, in particular Oathmark which is what I currently play most and Silver Bayonet which is the latest game I am circling and preparing for. The only Reaper metal in these (he says) is the swamp thing which is an old DHL model. And I've snuck a couple of other mfrs minis in there as well. But mainly Bones V.
  12. I've got all the Razig skeletons painted up, to use as Revenants, and could just use pirates (again I have a bunch of these painted) as bandits. I might use killer crabs instead of wolves and then I'd basically have everything painted. I'm keen to actually play it out a few times with the background in the book though (behind the lines in the napoleonic wars).
  13. I've got my copy, am looking forward to going through and painting up some napoleonics. There's quite a lot of support for playing Mccullough's games at my local club so should be able to get a few games in. If I take to it I will probably try and use it for fantasy/horror pirate skirmishes as well. You can get a lot of the monsters together from Bones 4 or 5, usefully.
  14. So spray paint was tacky, exactly like with Reaper bones but it went after I did a coat of varnish.
  15. The mantic orcs might work as they've got quite pinched in waists, and separate heads.There's also the Northstar snakemen kit if you were going the other way (bipeds with human heads).
  16. I think you've done well to depict a very dark skinned black person's skin on a 30mm high mini.
  17. Thanks for pointing that out and whatever you do don't try and download anything from original post! Not sure what the problem was. A really good mission, and I enjoyed having made the terrain for it. The fence is just a set of acrylic perspex pieces that a signage company cut for me. I had grand plans to make posts and connectors but in the end just used glue dots.
  18. Have just played 'The Broken Fence'. It might be my favourite so far. We used the dinosaurs from Para Bellum Conquest as 'ferrox' so you really felt it when two more of them came onto the board. Opponents force is 3d printed.
  19. It's looking really smart and I like how you are working into a theme It's looking really smart and I like how you are working into a theme
  20. I don't think I remembered to post a goal this month, but I did manage to get 10 cavalry done for an Oathmark game, some other minis, and then some more terrain for Stargrave. So a good month. I've a bit of time off before starting a new job so will try and clear more of the paint table in October.
  21. Thank you - they come as shown below, and with a varnish would work as green leaved trees as well in my view.
  22. These trees were from AliExpress. Total cost of £11\14$ including shipping. The idea is to use them in games like Oathmark, Rangers of Shadow Deep, or maybe for a horror set up for The Silver Bayonet. The leaves are in basically a Bones style plastic (although softer). I spray primed them (having learned nothing...) and then used contrast paints and spray varnish. Next steps are to finish the bases and make some bigger woodland area bases for them to sit in.
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