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  1. Declared goals this month are Centaurs for the fantasy Greek army Some of the Bronze Age Minis KS (Half Pint Heroines) Scifi soldiers to round out a 'military' force I have for Stargrave or Xenos Rampant. Something I want to do before the end of the year is go through my claymore castings hundred years war minis, my footsore miniatures Welsh, and do a fantasy 'Arabian nights' army that could also work in part for the Crusades.
  2. I got the 40k terrain done (and some spare Bones pieces). Painted the undead for my Egyptian undead army. Didn't really get to the Bronze Age minis or the centaurs. 40 minis over all in the month and some terrain so feel like I got a decent amount done. Pleased to have struck off two goals as well.
  3. And I've managed to make the 40k buildings and put the first few coats of paint onto them. Just need to do a bit of weathering/wash and then a light drybrush.
  4. Egyptian undead done. I've not really cracked the other 3 goals but determined to sort at least one of them this month.
  5. Thank you! Very kind. Now to build a cheerleaders pyramid out of plastic skeletons...
  6. Hi everyone, I remember a DnD or Ad&d supplement about sieges, potentially with cardboard castle walls in it. The cover showed a siege and had skeletons being used in various ways to scale buildings/fill trenches. Could someone tell me if I'm imagining this or provide a screen shot please? Thanks
  7. Right. Time for some focus and discipline. I will aim to Work through the 'half pint heroines' KS from Bronze Age Miniatures (about 20 minis) Paint the centaurs (10 minis) Paint the 10 or so minis I need to round out my Egyptian undead army Make and paint the Warhammer 40k terrain that I promised to make and paint for my wargames club last year. Declaring these goals will mean I will paint anything other than the minis above.
  8. Nope! I painted quite a few minis in January but haven't finished the centaurs, done any scifi troopers or started the musketeer project. I do now have a space goblin and ogre force for Xenos Rampant or other sci fi games, and I've painted a bunch of other minis that were in my eye line. So meeting my goal of having completed teams for games. I would like to do the creepy WW1 French and brought some reaper bones angels and Graveyard golem to fit into that.
  9. Am working through a Greek army based on the Bones 5 expansion. It's going pretty well, about 70 minis now. Want to do some centaurs this month. Then I'm trying to have some squads for the new Xenos Rampant game. I'd painted lots of minis for Stargrave, and the idea has been to try and bump all of the 5/10 man collections into some bigger 30 man forces. This month I want to have painted some generic space soldiers (ie imperial guard/trooper types). Things on the periphery/ideas that are building include having a wierd war one at (creepy French probably), and I now have a bunch of musketeer type minis from Freebooters Fate. So I'd like to push those to front of the queue this month. I'm doing well at getting through models buy focusing on what I need for games, but it does mean that individual paint schemes can suffer. I've a few methods I fall back on that all look good from 4 feet...
  10. Hard for me to get to do any painting, for perfectly positive reasons. I'm going to try and paint a couple of minis before the new year then reset and have new goals in January.
  11. I speed painted Solar this evening. He's looking quite red... I think once all the washes have fully dried I will evaluate how to get small bits of contrasting colour in there. He's going into my fantasy Greek army and having a desert/grass base with white stone like the rest of that army should help.
  12. Partial success. I did paint up some more minis for a 'frostgrave barbarians with lazers' warband including a gun crew. I now have a painted 10mm orc army. I finished off 4 of the lunar Kickstarter minis and didn't touch the Footsore welsh. I also made some progress painting up a bunch of satyrs and minotaurs for a fantasy Greek army I've been circling for a while.
  13. I'm working on a Greek Myth army using the a Greek Legends expansion from Bones V. These minotaurs are actually earlier models but all Reaper Bones. I'm then working on some new rangers for Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I've painted up Derrell, Liara, and some other characters I like the look of. One step I took, which I'm pleased with, is to not base the human size models on rounds and then use modelling paste to disguise their bases. They've got very nice oval bases and I can make it work in the games I'll be playing with them.
  14. I'm really keen to nail down a project or two before end of the year. I keep getting them 80% done then wandering off. Better than getting them 20% done, but still... I want to expand out some stargrave crews into a 'force' with a vehicle and some artillery. I've got a bunch of 10mm fantasy to paint. I primed the minis from the Crooked Dice Lunar kickstarter and don't want them looking at me. Then finally I was slowly buying and painting, buying and painting some dark ages welsh from Footsore Miniatures. Will see where I get to!
  15. These are the newer merrow /sea ogres from Bones V Dark Depths. I found them very easy to paint, using washes, contrast paints, and drybrushing. The water effect is just mod podge dimensional magic. I painted up the Bones 3 Merrow some time ago and will need to remind myself whether it fits in with the scheme or not.
  16. This would be to go with Perry miniature and claymore Castings historicals. The warlord games ones are a bit too slight, and because they would be for a fantasy (basically 15th century) setting they couldn't have guns. The books are a lot of fun and you can tell the author is a gamer and reenactor
  17. Thank you - it was miscast/wobbly legs so got the chop!
  18. I've not. I've played a few games of frostgrave but many more stargrave to be honest. If you had a heritor and warden against a wizard and apprentice I think the wizard would be much more powerful/able to run rings around the GA warband because their spells are more powerful. But maybe a wizard and captain, each, would work?
  19. I need to! Am lining up a second game and looking at changing the mat (because both games previously have revolved around throwing people into the sea!) and adding more powers, flavour, monsters from the Mccullough books.
  20. I need to do the bases for these but the basics are done. Lots of washes and drybrushing with green ('webbing', light blue grey and white) and some contrast type paint for the red parts (goth skin dipping ink from Green Stuff World).
  21. I'm working on these two recent Bones USA releases, and trying to paint them up as Revenants. This stage has been quick, but I need to think about adding more highlights and contrast. The bronze was done with gunship green. Then a rough drybrush with dark bronze and then light bronze.
  22. Have nearly finished the second lot of Footsore Miniatures dark age Welsh that I ordered. So I have a nice force for Oathmark, Saga, or Skirmish games. I think that the big project I will round out the year with is a Greek themed 'army' including the Bones V Greek Myth expansion. Writing this down publicly will clearly lead to me doing something entirely different. I then have some other primed minis on the shelf, from the Crooked Dice Lunar Kickstarter, and I'd like to get those done this month as well.
  23. I'm still figuring out what big project to go for to wrap up the last half of the year. I'm doing quite well getting painted minis onto the table and playing games but I don't have a ton of outstanding items for the games I'm currently playing. I did just get the Bronze Age minis female Kickstarter and the Crooked Dice Luna City minis so I might crack those so they don't get added to the pile. I might also do a Greek fantasy warband, bringing in the Greek Myths expansion FROM Bones 5.
  24. I don't want to share links but look up 'Jenny Dean's wild colour' as well. As I understand it, you could make purple dyeas a saxon/dark ages person, but indigo was really rare. Also red and madder was fairly easy to get to as well. Although presumably colours would fade pretty quickly.
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