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  1. Up to this point I've never come across this issue before. None of my Bones mini have done this nor any of my old GW minis. There where no Bones minis in this batch. In the past I've always used GW primer. However I decided to try something different since I was almost out of primer. It seems most people use a primer from a chain store. I thought I'd give it a try and save a couple of dollars. I picked up a primer that was good for Metal (for my remaining lead minis), wood (just in case for around the house), and plastic (99% of my minis now). The semi gloss primer was an oversight on my part. A lot of great feedback from everyone, thank you all. I'm going to incorporate ideas from this post. Thanks!
  2. I did not scrub the mini first, I've never done that with Reaper or GW mini's. I'll will do it next time though. Thank you for all the great advice. I'll keep a heat lamp on it tonight. I didn't realize I bought a semi-gloss until I got home. Thought what the heck, I'll try it out.
  3. First time forum user... I primed a couple dozen minis last weekend and it's been seven days. Every mini is still tacky to the touch. Any ideas as to why? I used Krylon Color Master semi gloss primer. The minis are from the Dungeon Furniture Pack - Dungeon Saga, Zombicide 3D Doors, and some Space Hulk minis. I'm thinking I'll have to clean them all and prime them a second time (with a different primer). I'll probable try to paint one and see how that works, it'll be frustrating to have to clean them all.
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