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  1. Lobokai

    Model ID help

    Ah. After you gave me the name, found it on John Bear Ross’ page. Thanks!
  2. Lobokai

    Model ID help

    What model is this? Thanks in advance. Apologies if already asked
  3. Lobokai

    KS2 models? Where to buy?

    Got it. Thanks!
  4. Lobokai

    KS2 models? Where to buy?

    Is there a web store somewhere to buy these? I can see KS1 models... but not much else
  5. Lobokai

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Can't wait... been striking out trying to find Kickstarter II stuff online... need to scratch my CAV plastic itch
  6. Lobokai

    Overwatch and Run N Gun

    Does make sense now. Thanks.
  7. Trying to resolve Run N Gun and Overwatch if attacking model begins in one state of cover and ends in another... when does overwatch and the Run N Gun ranged assault happen? And then same question with defensive fire
  8. ...so ammo bin would save all ammo weapons equipped too?
  9. Lobokai

    Abilities and DataCards

    Thought so, but wasn’t positive. I appreciate that CAV has such well defined point cost per model. No hand wave secret formula, we can truly reverse down the cost of everything (which I was about to do, but thank you for answering).
  10. are abilities like Ravage, Improved Armor, etc, already incorporated into a unit's stats?
  11. Lobokai

    CAV: Strike Operations Faction Logos

    Awesome. Thank you for this