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  1. great googly moogly this topic got popular oO almosft 500 views already o.o geeze if i screw up again i'll post it for more laughs XD
  2. umm cool?? but ya know what oO im thinking of using my puddle dragon foor filler in other things o.o i could prolly use a soldering iron to melt the pewter like solder and use it to fill big gaps on large mini's =D
  3. its ok <=) i know i dun fudged up badly when i coudl smell hot metal from my room o.o
  4. im sending it back to reaper for a replacement <=) i was already told they'd replace it n.n anyone else have a stripping accident like this?
  5. http://wolfbar.org/warlord_demo <-- this is how i had my table setup for playing my 1 on 1 warlord demo and the dictator duel as well as a paint and take <=)... the warlord demo went well i had 7 people that hung around and took enough interest in the game for me to properly explain and go through some of the things like how combat n stuff worked. the cav didnt go that well <=( only had a few peeps look at the mini's and one wiling to take a few minutes and do the dual with me, and i didnt get anyone for my paint n take but thats ok <=D theres next week
  6. yeh it was a quick fix gone wrong o.o;;; but oh well XD bryan said reaper will replace it <=D but its such a sad ending to a pretty model <=(
  7. well sometimes fight to the death means it o.O even if the death is being turned into a puddle.. the ultimate fireball! if you look at the second pic you can see some if is litteraly ash O.O
  8. this is what happens when you forget about your shadow dragon on the stovetop when your boiling him to strip the paint off http://wolfbar.org/melted.jpg http://wolfbar.org/melt2.jpg
  9. what do i have to do if i want to demo at a place that carrys reaper products but isnt in the lil drop down list thing when i wan to submit my lsr?
  10. kit if its in the handbook i didnt see it oO
  11. thanks guys <=D i got it now but geeze why dont they actually post this in the handbook???
  12. not the swag <=( the black lightning points you get for signing up and turning in LSR's i've got 125 points to spend on some stuff i need to help a local BL member do demo's around jacksonville and i cant figure out how in the world to redeem them
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