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  1. Does anyone know about when the sets from the KS will go on sale? I just didn't order the skeletal monsters and am thinking about the fan favorites for a new game that starts tonight, so the sooner I could order the better. Without using Ebay, cause my goodness those resellers are expensive.
  2. No kidding Mutilatedlips, this is by far the biggest and most complex "miniature" I've ever attempted, but I get to play with it tonight. It took me about 25 hours to complete, so it wasn't terrible, just a full week project and a patient wife to let me use half the dining room table. Starting a new campaign where we wake up, dead of course, on the barge and Charon gives us a new chance at life. No idea if it is his power or anothers to grant us a second chance. A mystery awaits.
  3. That looks amazing! My wife is looking at painting her first mini tomorrow and this is what she picked. I'll show her this for some inspiration! The windows were a particularly well done detail.
  4. Sure! I'll take some more pictures in a bit an hopefully post something within the hour. Is there a way I can tag you guys?
  5. Here's my attempt at the Stygian Barge. I have a few things left to complete, like the lantern, the ties on the canopy, and of course a clear coat, but it's close enough for me to show here. For the hull, I used a metallic black, with a blue/green metallic wash, and then I made a glow-in-the-dark wash, and it works! The capillary action also had the washes cling next to the bones, causing them to halo, which I thought was cool. I also tried to use a red enamel for blood in the cup, which I think turned out great, however it totally ruined the brush even with
  6. Both, it was tough to wait, but now my living room is covered in them and I haven't even finished opening them all to check if I'm missing anything. Doesn't help that I will need my barge completed by Sunday so that was started immediately.
  7. My latest dragon, T'raukzul. I love the leathery look with the wings.
  8. Agreed, I was hoping they would have made the legs like Mossbeard's, just big sockets the legs could fit into on the under side. As it is, as anyone tried cutting off the legs and using magnets to attach/remove them? I've never done it before so I'd like to see a test before I charge in.
  9. Someone has a beautifully painted one around page 1166? I would suggest looking at their work if you would like help. Also, all the little wedges go under the aft deck (14). I still have a night or two of painting, but then I'll post my pictures. This is by far the most difficult piece I've worked on, but I think it is coming along great.
  10. Yep, just sad because now it will most likely no be delivered until Monday, and I have a DnD game on Monday night that could really use the skeletal and zombie dragons and the skeletal monsters. It's the final battle of an undead campaign too. Oh well, there's always the next campaign, and I'm running a lord of utter-cold necromancer! *Queue evil laughter* Muwhahahahaha!
  11. The train delay message... with so many delays at this point I think the proper thing to do is laugh, or cry, but mostly laugh.
  12. So uh I guess my bones will be delayed further. A train has derailed, hopefully the bones weren't on it.
  13. I'm still reading to try and catch up, but here are some critiques from what I'm reading in this form. First, Brexit: Time Lines Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016 in which 51.9 per cent of those voting supported leaving the EU. On 29 March 2017, the Government of the United Kingdom invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This gave until 29 March 2019 to fulfill pledges before Brexit. The KS went live on 1 August 2017 Fulfillment was planned for Feb 2019. Obviously not a ton of wiggle room, but they had some. Now, I am not R
  14. Thank you Chris! I have my shipping notice!! only 19.8lbs... that just seems pathetic now. I'll start saving for the unnamed bones 5 and try my hands at 40+lbs. Delivery on Thursday, I may be taking a half day...
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