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  1. Finished the one dungeon dweller, well sort of... The head is still confusing as to what i should do. It looked odd with just one color and highlights etc I had no idea of where to place them! More practice is required! I tried some highlighting and washes and changed the colors a few times as well. Also found some matt varnish that i discovered adding colors to it, desaturates them and they can be used as a wash type of paint. May also be good for highlights in the future, not sure. Comments welcomed! I really like the shield this time and his dirty body from batt
  2. Thanks! I did some research online and most agreed their skin was various shades of green, the orange guy came out too bright but i will try and fix that. Good luck with beating your 2017 tally!!
  3. More Goblins!! Or Dungeon Dwellers! Primed with Tamiya fine grey spray on primer, once this can is done i will switch to a commercially available primer in a spray can. I also need to ssslloowww down...And check over the mini's after priming! They still have some mold lines visible, next time! Forgot to buy some matt varnish, so i tried some gloss on the first goblin. Looks very shiny and reflective now, it also smoothed it out a bit. (way too shiny for my liking) This is #2 mini that has the varnish on it. For today, I worked on 3 individual mini's
  4. WOW!!! These are amazing and so colorful! They would look amazing in an Alice in Wonderland type scene. Your sculpting and painting is a pleasure to watch and learn from!
  5. LOL!!! I bought 13 minis, not a lot by any standards and i tried to find the ones that interested me the most from a wide range of genres! Most are D&d minis with a few GW thrown in for good measure! I don't think I will be doing any project painting, mostly just mini's that interest me as i mainly want to learn to paint. My main issues are with brush control and I still think paint thinning. Brush control on such tiny things is definitely something that takes a lot of practice! I bought a pair of magnifier glass to help with the details but the brush tip does no
  6. Many color changes later and i am kind of happy with this goblin! The camera really brings all the errors to life in massive scale!! Had a lot of fun painting this one and the archer is up next, again. I did not like his skin color and i did a few silly trial tests on him that did not work as hoped. It's raining, cold and damp so no outside priming for now... Also need to hit the Gaming store to pick up a few different characters to paint! As luck would have it, the store was having a sale!! Usually $5.50 a mini, today they were 3 for
  7. I am going to steal your book for paint mixes that i saw in one of your first posts in this thread! Just started this painting thing and cannot remember my skin tone mix from this morning... Great work so far!!
  8. A much better day today! I am really liking the smaller scale of the Reaper mini's! Some parts are extremely challenging, especially when they are poorly cast as the teeth and mouth on the one dweller. For a newbie, it was interesting! Primed up with Tamiya light grey spray primer and i am using the Reaper paint. The Reaper paints are awesome to use and love the dropper style bottles. Trying various techniques as i mix and experiment with the paints. Tried some highlighting on the purple skirt, wooden shield and a few other areas. Really like how the shield came
  9. Spent the morning touching up and straightening out small details and it was looking pretty good! Then i decided to use that nasty wash again...I am going to stay away from it for now or buy a better quality one. It was not bringing out the details so i added more and then it just turned into a dull mess again... Into the denatured alcohol it goes! Going to clean him up and step away from them for a bit! Next up will be a Dungeon Dweller from Reaper using Reaper paints. Hoping for some better weather tomorrow for a bit of spray priming! Question
  10. I will quote your signature: " I came, I saw, I ran away...." As someone new to painting this just seems daunting on a large scale! Will be following along to see your techniques!
  11. No worries about posting pics here, please go ahead! I just measured my Intercessor and he stands at 42mm. Since it was the first mini I have seen, it looked small, until now! And then I see the 10mm ones... The base is 32mm. So i guess I am panting on a large scale still! Managed a few more coats and details, more tomorrow!
  12. Just a small update today, not been feeling the greatest the last few days and today i am sloooow... Anyway managed to get a bit of painting done before being sidetracked... I received two free packs of mini's when i purchased my Reaper Paint sets, they were placed to one side. Today they caught my attention, which apparently was a few seconds, and I needed to have a closer look. Next I know the package is open and i am removing mold lines and giving it a good look. I picked up the dude with the shield. WOW is it tiny!! 1/2 the size of the guy i am painting now and i
  13. Just looking at all the mini's you have to paint makes me scared! And then they are 10mm...Even crazier! This is what commitment looks like! As someone brand new to painting mini's, I will be following along to see how you go about it with such small figures. Interested to see how much detail goes into playable VS display mini's.
  14. Great advice, thanks! I did have a look on RAFM but they only stock individual paints and not the set, as a beginner i like sets of things for some reason! I also like the storage case with space to spare and they stack nicely. The next paints will be individual bottles for specific colors, washes, oils etc... And it's nice to have space for them already. I am in Windsor, so just across the border. This could be the reason for quicker shipping times as well. As you say, taxes are weird for sure! It all depends on who is working that day and what mood they are i
  15. That's the brush! I used to love watching American Restoration and the pinstripe guy was just amazing at freehand work! I decided to try a new Citadel brush... It had this long thread coming out the tip, so i cit it off just at the tip of the brush. This caused it to split into a snake tongue and want to remain that way... Time to invest in some quality brushes that keep their shape! Thanks for the brush sizes, another area i need to figure out the jargon of sizes!
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