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  1. I do not have much experience and honestly I am scared of flesh tones. But I would be happy to paint as well as you. Kudos
  2. I love the colors on the hoses connecting his back pack to his weapon. Very nice details. Just make your own chapter with space wolf codex.
  3. So the varnish thing has me confused.. scares me to think when you go and try to protect your mini from the grubby hand gang. Your results may vary and you will wish you had just left it. I was going to buy the Krylon matte spray varnish cause I have good results with Krylon products in general. What do you folks think?
  4. I will try that thank you Paintybeard. been meaning to pick up some spray varnish.
  5. Hi all, Not sure if I am posting this correctly or not. Just started painting minis after Christmas. Started with the Reaper Ltp core set and added the get started paint set and later picked up the Secret Weapon washes set. Kids got the Wiz Kids D&D Wrath of Ashardalon board game and I have been slowly painting my way through them. Rough sculpts for the most part but with some gems in the mix. I present for your constructive criticism a Beholder done in washes with some Heraldic Red pupils. Dry brushed the teeth with some pure white and then attempted some Dry Blood Wash on the tips. But it just came out a pinkish. Thanks, Zapntoo keep on swimming...
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