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  1. I was told we needed all these lycanthropes for our home brew D&D game... Weve been using the mouslings as wererats. This project has spanned about five or six months. There are a couple more but because they’re ladies whose clothes fell off in transformation- they aren’t pictured. So here they are:
  2. I finished up a year long project recently. Started with white, then blue, then green, then black then finally red... its been a while journey with these dragons..
  3. Found it on amazon- I think it’s for fish tanks- had to cut it down a bit but looks good in the end I think. And now he has a brother...
  4. I can’t wait to paint this big boy! Great job!
  5. Don’t mind at all!
  6. I have three of these guys, all with elaborate themed bases. The first of these was the Panda!
  7. I worked super hard on this guy. I think he's some of my best work. I hope everyone likes him.
  8. Wiz kids owlbear and griffin- fun to paint!
  9. Happy with how this came out!
  10. From the Facebook contest, although my frost giant queen was better I’d already shared her so I ended up using this guy. I was the only person who chose this model- I guess he is a bit understated. i was happy with how he came out. c&c always welcome!
  11. Large earth elemental- he has moss for armpit hair :)
  12. wickedshifty

    Frog Demon

    This guy was a blast to paint.
  13. These are probably some of my best work ever, which is a little silly. But they are such nice little sculpts and I love them. I got them for free for ordering so much.
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