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  1. wickedshifty

    Lots O’ Lycanthropes (pic heavy)

    Yah- I’m too lazy for that haha
  2. wickedshifty

    Lots O’ Lycanthropes (pic heavy)

    I was told we needed all these lycanthropes for our home brew D&D game... Weve been using the mouslings as wererats. This project has spanned about five or six months. There are a couple more but because they’re ladies whose clothes fell off in transformation- they aren’t pictured. So here they are:
  3. wickedshifty

    Chromatic Dragons- all reaper

    I finished up a year long project recently. Started with white, then blue, then green, then black then finally red... its been a while journey with these dragons..
  4. wickedshifty

    Werebear (as a Panda)

    Found it on amazon- I think it’s for fish tanks- had to cut it down a bit but looks good in the end I think. And now he has a brother...
  5. wickedshifty

    Chunky Owlbear 2.0

    I can’t wait to paint this big boy! Great job!
  6. wickedshifty

    Werebear (as a Panda)

    Don’t mind at all!
  7. wickedshifty

    Werebear (as a Panda)

    I have three of these guys, all with elaborate themed bases. The first of these was the Panda!
  8. wickedshifty

    77333: Mountain Troll

    I worked super hard on this guy. I think he's some of my best work. I hope everyone likes him.
  9. wickedshifty

    Wiz kids Owlbear and griffin

    Wiz kids owlbear and griffin- fun to paint!
  10. wickedshifty

    Fire Elemental...

    Happy with how this came out!
  11. wickedshifty

    Stone Giant

    From the Facebook contest, although my frost giant queen was better I’d already shared her so I ended up using this guy. I was the only person who chose this model- I guess he is a bit understated. i was happy with how he came out. c&c always welcome!
  12. wickedshifty

    Earth Elemental

    Large earth elemental- he has moss for armpit hair :)
  13. wickedshifty

    Frog Demon

    This guy was a blast to paint.
  14. wickedshifty

    Dungeon Dwellers Goblins

    These are probably some of my best work ever, which is a little silly. But they are such nice little sculpts and I love them. I got them for free for ordering so much.