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  1. This is the Werewolf Queen bust from White Wolf Tavern, 3D printed.
  2. My work on the griffon from bones 4
  3. Some more for this project- these are from Duncan shadows Patreon!
  4. Two more, not happy with the bird and might redo him. Happy with the snake though!
  5. I’m not usually big on terrain painting, but I thought this would be a good cap off for my month of spoooooky minis..
  6. lol I kinda thought the same thing especially because I did them in a skin triad
  7. One more...one of my favorites of the bunch personally!
  8. Wow everyone! Thank you! here’s two more! I was dreading these with allllll the black, but I’m reasonably happy and they can even crossover as Kenkus!
  9. She's from darksword- she's amazing! I have seen some of the Burrows and Badgers stuff, perhaps when I get through this haul and some of the Duncan Shadow prints I have I will tackle some of them!
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