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  1. I stole some spell effects from a nolzurs beholder who didn’t need this one. Pretty proud of this guy!
  2. A group I’m in on Facebook had an underdark challenger so I couldn’t share these until it was over, the big guy won it! I love these sculpts and I can not wait to get underdark (I’m sorry....darkreach) expansion pack when Bones 4 arrives...
  3. Silver dragon done up in red...
  4. This was a quick and fun paint...
  5. My Druid found a tan bag of tricks in a Dragons horde. So now animals are on my list... here’s some heyenas
  6. So... in an effort to like....actually not have 300 minis to paint by the time Bones 4 AND the critical role minis all hit me next year, I’ve decided to paint three a week, and always have a bigger work in progress going. This week I picked some low hanging fruit so I actually did more than that. The ice troll was my bigger monster this week. Air elemental i wanted to look like it was sorta tearing up the earth beneath ala a tornado.... enjoy! C&C welcome!
  7. I painted this one as a fire salamander... cause honestly I’m sick of the other 12 I have and I needed to stop painting in green. Super happy with how he came out.
  8. One of our players wanted this guy modeled after Bruce Lee...so here we are...
  9. Finally finished her. boy, that blue skin was tricky and I’m still not entirely happy, but considering how much time I spent on her I feel pretty good.
  10. My first encounter in dnd was an Ankheg so it holds a special place in my heart.
  11. Sometimes there’s a little flag with a heart at the top of the thread. What does this indicate? (It’s red, not the ‘like’ button)
  12. Thank you everyone!
  13. Just a bug I did for fun :)
  14. I painted this guy and he seemed like a real ambitious little skeleton. So I had a base I had started for a different project, but ultimately decided not to use, and he seemed worthy and I liked the rocks he came standing on anyways...
  15. Well...ding dang...that’s amazing!
  16. Thank you for all the tutorials!
  17. Yah, I've been putting this guy for months. He's "away" while we are stuck in Barovia (COS campaign)- and my BF is playing a different character, but as Barovia comes to an end...I felt the need to get Bing Bong off the shelf and off my list. So I just put up with his high needs requests for today and finished him off. He was a real challenge!
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