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  1. My BF had a PC made with Heroforge I've been putting off, cause he wanted Tartan painted. I've seen all the recent Tartan posts here and followed along with the tutorials and I'm so pleased with how it came out! He also requested a red leather jacket and green mohawk. Overall I am so happy with this mini. Used almost all reaper paints, and a couple of citadel washes. Thanks so so so much for all the tartan inspiration!
  2. Love it! Beautiful color choices!
  3. Very cool campaign idea and painting!
  4. Made him a duergar- cause I love the Underdark.
  5. Best invention? The process of fermentation. it makes all the best things possible- pickles, sourdough, beer and wine...
  6. Thank you all so much. I’ve been working on improving my OSL so it’s nice to hear I’m getting there. Also, his base is beautiful without anymore basing, I just filled it out further to make him special, since I like him so much.
  7. So I think this is the best mini I’ve ever painted. I got him him for free with my last order and I loooove him. I love the sculpt and he’s so fun. Anyways, very proud of myself with this one...
  8. Still have a few touch ups to do (yes I based before I was done...I like to live on the edge)
  9. Holy cow! Your highlighting and color schemes are incredible. I can only hope to be half this good someday I think! I love them and you did a beautiful job, congratulations!
  10. I have her and I keep putting her off, cause those details are hard, well done!
  11. Anyone have any good reads/videos on blending and shading? I’m struggling... working on this guy right now...any tips would be great- particularly about his cloak (I’ve only been painting a few months and trying to improve...)
  12. Thank you! I'm about to embark on something I'd like to look similar (although I'm not as talented by any means) so I appreciate the tip!
  13. No one here has ever been mean to me! Don't be scared! Beautiful conversion and I love the basing!
  14. Did you lay black down on the armour then dry brush the silver? Looks killer.
  15. I have gotten several heroforge minis made. These two were were just purchased recently. Heres what hat I will say: the regular plastic is trash. The metal (steel) is good for playing, but hard to paint. these are both in the premium plastic. I can not recommend the premium plastic enough- I love painting it. But these aren’t minis like bones that can be thrown into a bag, we keep them in a case with foam surrounding them. But go for the premium plastic. Steel isn’t bad but you lose some good details for sure.
  16. These are my heroforge minis I got for my characters. One is Finellen Braunanvil- dwarf Barbarian sailor and one is Torgga Torrun- dwarf Druid/Ranger astrologist (she has the robe of stars also...) Tried new techniques on both, on Finn the gem was new to me, and on Torgga the OSL and galaxy painting on the cloak. folks expressed interest so here here they are! Any C&C is welcome!
  17. Good to know! I’m very proud of my character, perhaps I will share her and my other hero forge character
  18. My Druid is circle of the Shepard- she can cast spectral animals to help buff the party. She is also an astrologist with a huge interest in space. She also has the robe of stars... i made her spectral unicorn a space unicorn...because why not? She is also attached (although no reaper) to show the robe I painted...
  19. This guy was so fun! Mmmmm...and my uploader is broken. Sorry...I’ll try again later...
  20. He looks awesome, I love the mini too! That gradient on the cape is awesome!
  21. Dang. Amazing. I backed bones 4. So now this is #goals
  22. So pretty, I think I need this mini, great job on him.
  23. I have just gotten into basing. But all my minis I’ve based so far are from heroforge! I have some fun basing stuff coming in the mail tomorrow so perhaps I’ll work on some of my reapers!
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