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  1. Thanks for posting here. @Kangaroorex yeah, Deck Designer should take care of the issues with planning and building. Looking forward to it myself!
  2. Hi guys, thanks Corsair for the mention! Ben here from 2nd Dynasty. I followed the breadcrumbs from Kickstarter back here, which tickled me since I've backed every Reaper since the first Bones. Thank you all so much for the kind words, know they weren't directed at me, but it really is still nice to read!
  3. We currently have a second Kickstarter live at the moment, entitled Starship II - 3D printable OpenLOCK-compatible Deck Plans. The campaign is already over 1300% financed, and we are working on the 8th Stretch Goal. If you have a 3D printer, these tiles can really bring your tabletop experience to life, with a strong influences from the designs of Rob Cobb and Kazutaka Miyatake. Unpainted PLA at 150 microns Printed on a Flashforge Finder/Creator Pro Unpainted PLA at 150 microns The Sets This campaign's featured sets are shown below (these are renderss). Stretch Goals Unlocked So Far We are now working towards these bonus floor tile types, a grate and plate style in I, S and E tiles
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