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  1. Thank you all so much!! It was so much fun to paint! I can't seem to do anything "normal" haha! And I just LOVE Galaxy painting, it usually involves a pair of Chucks and The Tardis, but I am happy that I branched out to minis!! Can't wait to share some more models I have painted!!
  2. Thank you, thank you! OMG that is too funny! I could see this encounter going so many different ways haha!
  3. So, I LOVE those paints, that is what I have used here! ( check out my 3rd paragraph in main post) I am happy to see others have discovered them too!!!
  4. Thank you! I fell in love with metallic paints just a couple years ago and can't get enough! lol
  5. Thanks!! It was like an ah-ha moment, Now I need to make more with a bigger scene lol!
  6. So, I have been wanting to try these for a while now, but wasn't sure, as I only brush paint. BUT I found these FolkArt Colorshift paints that are awesome! I found them for about $4/2 oz. bottles at a local craft store. They have a beautiful shine and you can layer them and thin them as normal paints. (If you would like to see some examples, I shared recently in the Show Off thread) I think you and the OP would probably have a great time using them! I purchased just one, because it was with the other bottles of craft paint and I just wasn't sure.... the teal one to start with and
  7. Thanks! I love making bases, it might be a problem. lol Oh, and I had totally not even realized how sculpted the wings were until I stopped working on the front haha! I asked my daughter for advice on what colors to use, so I guess she made some good choices! lol
  8. So guys. I repainted an old D&D mini, in the process learning that it is kinda rare I guess lol..oops! She looks pretty badass if I say so myself! But yeah! This sculpt is awesome and was super fun to paint. My husband runs a couple D&D games, I play in one every other week that is a MONSTER campaign and it is so fun! So in honor of tonight's game night, I wanted to share her! I play a Ranger Drider, this is her! (My other party members are a Rogue Gargoyle, Swashbuckler Rogue Mindflayer and a Cleric Shield Guardian, I can post those minis too, if ya'll like)
  9. These mini's are sooooo tiny! AND adorable!! I did have some trouble really picking out details on the Fairy and the one I am referring to as "Ragdoll". The soft edges were a little confusing at first and the way the Fairy's body is positioned, it was hard to tell what was leg or clothing! lol But I looked on google to get some reference from others that had already tackled these. That was super helpful! After that I had painted these 3 up and set em aside for a while and worked on other things, not really sure what I wanted to do with them. Then a couple weeks ago I w
  10. Comment all you like! lol The glitter totally helped the galaxy effect!! I did paint it all galaxy before the glitter, here are some shots Pre-Glitter! Thank you!
  11. I wanted to share this since I did not find many of these already painted when looking for reference photos, maybe it can help someone else! I went super bold with this guy, as I tend to do lol! The pictures don't really show how gross those pustules are though lol! They have a bit of nurgle's rot on them as well. The basing was done with mostly natural elements! A real lichen laden stick, seed pods, fern leaves, along with some Army Painter Battlefields Grass Green and Battlefield Rocks, as well as some basic clump foliage for filler! Does anyone like to use na
  12. Haha thanks so much!! I used a couple different paints with matte medium for blending and galaxy work. For the glittery effect, I use super fine high quality glitter and "paint" it on, using different values of color, darker tones for shadowy areas, brighter for highlighted areas. I use a thinned down pva glue and brush it just where I want it and also almost using a wet blending technique with how I lay the glitter it makes it super iridescent looking! Then sealant spray over the top to keep the glitter from moving lol I should definitely check out this iridescent medium though!
  13. This is my first post here! I have been encouraged for a while to join the forums and share some of the mini's that I have painted. I have been painting for many years dabbling in many styles and mediums. I've gotten more serious about my mini work the last couple years though. I was hesitant to share my work, but figured, "What the heck! Why not!" I decided to start with this model as it is one of my favorites to paint and I just love glitter, man! I painted this up for my first con last fall and it was actually purchased by my bestie, he then requested I add the gl
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