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  1. Thank you! I figured as much as the rest of the box has a big V and the images are showing V images. Appreciate the confirmation!
  2. Hi all, Received my box today! Yay! But the Core Set says Bones 4?!?! Did anyone else get the wrong core set? I sent an email to [email protected] but figured to ask here to see if anyone else has received the wrong items.
  3. Hey all, I only have Reaper paints for all my mini painting but got my son a model car kit for Christmas. The paints in the guide are all Testor recommended enamels. I've not painted with Testor paints since 8th grade so it's been a few...decades :D Would Reaper paints work well for model painting? Or would they be too dull for stuff like car body/paint jobs, etc?
  4. So I've been on the IOS beta for Paint Rack and it's awesome. Just like the Android version. Easy to use, all the features, etc. Just got an email that it will be hitting the App store soon! So us IOS owners can rejoice! Went on a painting binge this week and got the whole family involved (wife and 2 boys) and the app was essential for helping with colors, and sets, etc. Great work @CourageousOctopus! Looking forward to the full release.
  5. As a bday gift from my DnD campaign had some players gift me a box of Drunk'n'Dragon minis. Never heard of them before but decided to 'speed' paint the orcs so that we can use them in the next game. I took the summer off from painting so a little rusty (only been painting about a year or so). Was fun and learned a good bit while speedpainting! All my paints are Reaper and washes are Citadel.
  6. Same boat here. Ended up purchasing a copy of PR for my old N4 and that's all I use it for. It's a great app and there is nothing on iOS that come close. So yeah, hurry up with the iOS version please! :D
  7. So my boys have taken interest in some of my mini's I've painted this year (and I only started this year with the Core and Layer Up kits so still a noob as well). They asked for some minis for Christmas so I put a Skeleton Spearman in their stockings. We then had a paint afternoon this past week and here are their results - Blue-eyed skelly with blue spear tip is my 7 yo. Black-eyed skelly is my 10 yo. I did the red-eyed one. They choose their own colors. I did a quick wash and some light drybrushing for them to bring out details. They did everything else. I'm very proud on their attention to detail and trying not to make a big mess. Took us about an hour and a half to do them all (which also was within their sit-down-squirmy-limit :) ). All paints are Reaper paints. :D
  8. Took a few months off during the summer from painting and from reading this thread there still are no plans for Paint Rack to come to IOS platforms? Any other good alternatives out there?
  9. Another vote for iOS. Tried the app in an emulator and it's pretty slick but that setup isn't working for me. I picked up the PaintMyMinis app for a few bucks on iOS and it's pretty sad. :(
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