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  1. Here are some, lots of glare though. I enjoyed snipping the ball & chain from the Golem mini and then adding it to the pygmy. The wings came from an Impact! chibi figure. The pogo was made from toothpick, balsa wood, and pen spring. I don't know where the chainsaw came from, had that lying around. I think the pogo needs some ornament on the top of the pole... but only just had the idea today to add a tiki-torch to the top of it.
  2. As soon as I saw these pygmy figures, I'd thought they'd make a great Blood Bowl team. Positional goblins required a few bits and bobs, plus some greenstuff. Here are two trolls, Ripper (star troll), Pogoer, Looney, Fanatic, Doom Diver, Bombadier and a host of regular goblins. Still need to convert one to a 'Ooligan… just haven't had the inspiration yet. May I present: The Sneaky Tikis
  3. 03161 Slithe Raiders 03402 Slithe Champion More Fishmen of any kind are appreciated, but I think these look great alongside the Tiik and Deep Ones from past Bones campaigns.
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