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  1. Hoping that’s what’s going to happen with my Reaper order that’s been reported in Chicago since 5 May.
  2. So, I was in Bones 4 only after it closed (in the Late Pledge manager). Am I correct in my belief that the prices stay at KS levels in the pledge manager if you’ve gotten in, or do they bump up as other late pledges? Basically planning to get in on 5,but hoping to put off payment until 2nd week in October....
  3. I know it’s the wrong thread, however I’m sure people were on the edge of their seat and I didn’t want to leave them hanging. After 14 calendar days in the mail system to cover a 3 hour plane ride, my Bones have arrived! Now the question is, do I start going through them myself, or wait the 6 hours or so for the rest of the family to be home first?
  4. Well, I got an email that “we tried to deliver” yesterday during the 1 hour I was out taking people to their work. They couldn’t be bothered leaving a ‘contact us’ slip, though, so I don’t even know who to contact to find out if/when they’re going to try again. That’s supposedly the KS package that was told was in the mail on 6 June from Australia (a 3 hour plane ride). Meanwhile, the extra set that was ordered from Texas on 12 June (a 17 hour plane ride away, roughly), is in the country. A sprint at the end could still pull it out for the USPS!
  5. Not all of us. But it is Sunday afternoon, so no more likely to arrive for at least 18 hours. Oh, and the ‘extra’ order has been transferred to Chicago for the international leg of the journey. Assuming it makes the flight today and gets through customs with Reaper’s usual speed, it should be here on Tuesday. So the race continues between USPS and AusPost!
  6. For those that thought I was joking, it’s now well after delivery time on Friday. The KS, which has cleared customs two days ago,, didn’t show. The extra set order is currently in Dallas waiting on a plane. Given no delivery on the weekend, there’s a reasonable chance they arrive on the same day.
  7. I haven’t- but I have gotten notice that they’ve cleared customs, so hopefully only a day or two left.
  8. If I buy an “extra” set, and it arrives before my KS order, do L win?
  9. So, just trying to get a feel before panic sets in.... Hands up if you’re still waiting?
  10. Yay, finally got my AuPost notice! So much for halfhearted hoping to have the official last package sent. They’re now saying last sending will be Monday.
  11. Two more days on tenterhooks, waiting for Aetherworks to say they’ve shipped my Bones. Funny, the waiting gets harder the longer it goes on.
  12. Does anyone know if Australia does Queen’s Birthday on Monday? I’m just getting anxious since they reported being 60% done on Friday, but I’m still looking for a shipping notice.
  13. Facebook is reporting the first AUS hub delivery emails!
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