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  1. Oh man, minotaurs are awesome, and those look amazing. Only thing holding me back is my lack of desire in painting that much skin. Will definitely be considering this one...
  2. Wait, isn't that the whole idea? I just assumed that was the reference, which is why I backed it without reading the page.
  3. Got mine a few days ago, finished assembling yesterday. Assembly was quite painful. Can be hard to find out where exactly the connector begins and ends, so lots of cutting and adjusting. However, the quality is great, and there are definitely some nice, hefty pieces in there. Everything is definitely reasonably priced and of very good quality, and some pieces are better deals than others. But one stands far above the rest - The Archmage. Absolutely amazing, especially at only €8. Even if it was Bones instead of metal, it'd be a great deal. Perfect piece to represent Halaster from Dungeon of the Mad Mage.
  4. Edit: Nevermind, didn't see that it was already posted.
  5. Really cool to see more showing up in the "cheap minis" department. While it isn't something I'm interested in anymore, it is a great way to start out, and their selection shows that. Imps, oozes, and worms are a little more "out there", but with the rest of the creatures in those "5 each" sets, you'll be hard pressed to not find in a "starter campaign" for a standard fantasy TTRPG like D&D. Throwing the dragon in there is also a great touch as the cliche "end of the module" encounter. I can easily see someone getting into D&D picking this up as they start DMing the first campaign, not caring much about the quality as they slap on some Apple Barrel paints they have laying around, and being stoked to surprise the players as they pull them out.
  6. Normally I'm too lazy to share what I paint, but I'm a big fan of these goblins and really wanted to help spread the love. I've never painted a "uniform army" before. But these guys were adorable enough that I couldn't resist. I had a lot of fun painting them, and can now see the appeal of painting an army with a consistent style. I plan to base them with some dirt & grass flocking. Unfortunately, it'll be at least a month or two until the materials arrive, so figured I'd just take some quick low-quality pictures and post before I forgot. :) This was quite a quick paint job of 20 goblins, and my first time trying out GW contrast paints (for the base coat). Probably took about 20 hours total (a good 3-4 of which was assembly and priming). Definitely looking forward to more from @Shieldwolf Miniatures!
  7. Love the theme, and the cutiemals were amazing quality. Definitely worth the price.
  8. Mine arrived a few days ago. Haven't had a chance to take a closer look into them and start assembling yet (busy wrapping up the Stygian Barge from Bones 4), but from an initial look, they look very nice! Very good detail, and I don't see much at all in the way of annoying flashing. Most all of the connections between pieces are flat, so going to have to do a lot of pinning. Also, the Forest Brutgoth (w/ howdah) is a touch smaller than I was expecting. But I also didn't realize it came with a crew, which makes the pricing feel a lot more on-point. Overall, very happy with it so far. Will definitely back Shieldwolf again.
  9. Finally got mine today, and they look awesome and the details are incredible. However... why are they so tiny and fragile!? I already broke two just trying to wash them. The bow stood no chance, breaking apart at the hands on both sides simply by gently swishing it around in a bowl of soapy water. I haven't tried assembling them yet, but I can't imagine it going over well, and I'm sure I'll lose pieces for another one or two in the process from nothing more than just breathing. For the few that survive, I suspect at least one more will be blown apart by my airbrush as I try to prime it at the lowest PSI I can manage. Sadly, I bet these will just end up in the trash for me. Its a shame, because they look absolutely incredible...
  10. I'm thinking of jumping as well. Something about it really isn't rubbing me the right way. I rarely dig deep into the projects since I prefer to go in almost completely blind, so I've hardly read the updates, but some things I've seen that I don't like are: The whole "black friday" sale. Not for what they did, but how they failed to just stick to their guns on one plan. "This deal is so great, we're going to be LOSING money!", especially when the difference we're talking about was only like, what, $20 on a nearly $300 bundle? English version being KS exclusive. Why is that even a thing? Why is it not just all exclusive? The communication style in general... The whole thing just feels very unprofessional and feeding off of FOMO while acting like "hey, I'm your buddy!" The only reason I'm even still considering it is that Deep Madness (which I've never played and know nothing of) was well received, so from that, I assume this guy is legit and good at what he does. But really starting to think that I have enough arriving in the next 2 years, and don't need yet another heavy, mini-infested game.
  11. That top-down shot of the floor is awesome! How did you achieve the gradient between the green and red? Giving such depth and wear to flat stone can be tricky, but you did wonderful, and kept it muted enough to still work well as a game grid.
  12. Now that is a feat! The base coat alone probably took a good 10+ hours! I personally plan on loading up the airbrush and blasting this sucker into oblivion. I just need to make sure I have a spare of the browns I plan to use first. I dig the nasty green bone water in there. It makes me want to try something "old ghost ship" like with some dim leds lighting it up from the inside.
  13. Any thoughts on the RPG? Doesn't look to be much information about it, just a demo rulebook and a few incredibly vague and short videos.
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