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  1. Spodi

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    Mine just arrived. Haven't dug into them much, but from a quick glance, they look good. I'd say slightly better looking than I'd expect from the greens on the KS page. Also, didn't realize I went all-in on this. Not sure what was going through my head when I thought I would ever need ~40 dwarves.
  2. If you look at the full-sized image of the banner (open url in new tab), it definitely looks like exposed breast. I was hoping it was armor, but it definitely looks otherwise.
  3. Last chance to jump in on this. Only a little more than 24 hours left! With the last stretch goal unlocked, buying a 10-pack gets you 2 free, which works out to a very reasonable price of ~$5.50 USD per mini before shipping.
  4. Wave 3 pledge works fine (for now). I'm going with that and trying to change to Wave 2.
  5. Spodi

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    I see Kobold Press, I throw my credit card at the screen. I'll wait until it arrives to see what I'm pledging for.
  6. MOD: Picture removed for nudity. Censoring the image is insufficient. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hereylab2/vacant-realms-steam-punk-and-fantasy-28mm-resin-miniatures/description These look absolutely amazing. Surprised I haven't seen it here yet, and that it has so (relatively) few backers.
  7. Its a shame they chose to start this when they did. Bones-like quality and material, and a price around that of retail bones ($3.25/ea for all-in). If they did this a year ago during the "dry" period while people were still waiting for Bones 4, it probably would've been far more appealing. To top it off, its all "player" character models, which are, to me, the least interesting fun to paint without reason and something I have too much of already. Hope they make it, and I'm all-in for now, but not sure I'll keep it.
  8. Spodi

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I had the same thought. Wanted 3 lizardmen, came out with a whole team, plus about $200 more worth to go with it. Oops. I somehow did manage to resist the Krogolong. I can kick myself for that later.
  9. Hmm, I've already got two of the ogre minis this month. I could wait and see what next month's freebie is. Orr... with 5, maybe I can glue them all together into a super Voltron-like mecha-ogre. Yeah, that sounds like a good father's day project.
  10. Really highlights how good of a deal the Kickstarter is. I'm considering the Darkreach expansion, which is $120 vs the $50 Kickstarter price, but that is still only ~$3 per mini, which is still a great deal.
  11. Just keep refreshing. They seem to come and go.
  12. Spodi

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    Sure. Prime black, quick layer of VMC English Uniform, then drybrush Buff, then Ivory. Super quick and easy. To give it some extra pop, I went over and hit some edges with an opaque highlight of ivory, and outlined the edges with black india ink.
  13. Spodi

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I've been wondering: I'm only interested in the add-ons, so I just pledged for that. But I don't know / want to figure out which ones I want now, so I just pledged $1 since it looks like (from the comments) you can add more to the pledge manager later. But that feels like "cheating", both to Greebo for not shelling money up-front without penalty, and to Kickstarter who doesn't get their share of that amount (since it wasn't during the pledge). Am I missing something?
  14. Did anyone tag @Crowley yet?
  15. Spodi

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    I also did the Ettin as one of my first. Then did some quick skeletons.