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  1. I give in. I have zero expectations of being interested in the game itself, but I like the minis. I do have some friends who are big fans of Darkest Dungeon, so who knows, maybe they'll want to play. After all, enough excitement can make most any game fun to play a few times. I'm sure I'll regret my decision after Bones 5 arrives and become inundated in minis, but that's a problem for next year.
  2. Just got mine. Haven't assembled anything yet, but they look to be appropriately sized and sized as advertised. Casting quality looks absolutely awesome. The Mountain Troll's shield... ohh baby, delicious. Absolutely would back them again. Wishing I got some of those giants now.
  3. Just got my 3 dice, far before the Jan 2021 delivery estimate. The quality, weight, size, etc are all as good as advertised. Even came in their own nifty bags, internally lined in the corresponding color. No idea about their durability, but they feel like they'll hold up decently - far better than the poor table you use them on. Definitely worth it. Would absolutely back them again, if nothing else than for being the smoothest expectation-exceeding Kickstarter I've ever seen.
  4. You're not the only one, hah. I have a tendency to not really think much ahead of time and just start slapping on paint. So I took a glance and thought, "huh, must be a vine with rocks on it." It wasn't until I was nearly done did I actually stop and think, "why would huge rocks be attached to the vine?" Maybe it was supposed to be a wind effect, the rocks swirling around with it and causing his cloak to billow? I'm almost curious enough to email the sculptor and ask.
  5. Miniature is Pannocchia the Archmage from Greebo Games
  6. Wait... did you print that on the CR-6?! If that is from a FDM printer and not resin, then consider my mind thoroughly blown.
  7. Those are awesome looking! Good luck! Seeing the "Rotten Circus" set makes me wonder if it would be a good tie-in with the recently-launched Heckna! 5e campaign kickstarter. Could be worth reaching out to them. I too missed it at first. Turns out it's right there at the top in the subtitle - resin. Probably worth re-iterating in the body since it is quite easy to miss.
  8. A CMON project shipping only 1 month after estimated?? Impossible!
  9. Yes. Absolutely yes. Didn't even bother really looking at the description - the theme alone is enough for me to back it. I have enough "typical fantasy" supplements already, and can really use something different. And of course, have to back at the highest level for those popcorn dice.
  10. I've always shied away from these insane-quality 75mm models. With their size, quality, and price, they really deserve more time and effort than I am usually willing to put into a single mini. But... good god, those are amazing. Having Goron thrown in there at the Master pledge level makes it too tempting to pass up.
  11. Wow, huge kudos to whoever painted the tiles/minis in the sample images (first ones in the Kickstarter page)!
  12. Most likely black walnut, medium, topper, and a few cup holders and component thingies. Looks like it'll probably cost a little under $4k in the end, which isn't too bad.
  13. I have a bit of a vague question - how well does playing games like D&D work on a recessed table? I definitely plan on getting a topper, and I'd assume I'll be using that most of the time with my D&D groups, but it'd be nice to occasionally use the recessed area when I have chances to use my tiles. Usually, the table is full of people's spell cards, dice, character sheet, some books, etc. When I pull out a grid, things just have to get shifted, and character sheets slide in/out nicely from under battle mats. But that doesn't really work here. You don't even have much of a solid surface to write on. I know they have the player board thing, which gives a partial solution, but that seems like it'll also get in the way if anyone wants to reach into the table (eg to move minis, or just look closer). Plus, that is a lot of extra cost and stuff to store when not in use. Then, there is the DM (my) side. I'm fine having just my laptop when DMing, so don't really need much space. The Game Deck could take care of that, but it is quite bulky and pushes everything away and further from reach. Are the table topper pieces secure enough that I could just put down one of those instead?
  14. This was a hard one for me to choose on. At first, I wasn't a fan of the mushrooms and their simplistic design, so I went for the Core set. But now, as I think about all the minis I have / have coming, the whole "player character" category feels very, very crowded. Even though they look good, so do many other things in my backlog. So the chance of me actually painting any of these feels quite low, especially once you factor in Bones 5... The mushrooms, however, are unlikely anything else I have. I also quite like simplistic models where I can easily get away with a small color palette, rather than having to pick out a variety of trinkets and baubles that most "player character" minis come covered in. In short - unleash the spores!
  15. Exactly. While many others take the approach of "you can get it later at retail, just for a higher price", CMON isn't ashamed to say taunt you with "get it now or never!" to boost their backers. You can get it later in retail, and for CMON, not too hard to find sales that are half the price of the Kickstarter, but also with far less (optional) content. But that optional content is often quite good, and even as far as just the miniatures go, is often a great price. That is why I still back quite a few of CMON's projects, including this one. They're shameless in the FOMO, but it works because what you are missing out on is great for those who end up liking the game. It just sucks for those who don't have the disposable income at the time, don't see the Kickstarter in time, or any other reason that makes them want the game but only after the Kickstarter ends. You end up feeling like you got just the lesser "basic" edition. That is why their Vault kickstarter worked out so well for them, despite being a bit of a hot mess...
  16. Wow, I just stumbled upon this comment, so decided to check it out. A few refreshes later, and I got in for wave 1. Wasn't originally planning on backing this, but eh, guess I have to now.
  17. But what about all those Kickstarter exclusives!? Your life will be so much better if you had them. Imagine going to a party and bringing them along to show off. The guys will be jealous, the ladies fawning over you, all impressed by your amazing ability to back this Kickstarter that they didn't! They'll all be so impressed with your investment insight that they'll just start throwing money at you, making this $100 investment (plus probably another $500 in shipping because it's CMON) trivialized with your new Bezosian wealth! Or you could not back it. If it makes you feel better, I'm sure there is technically a chance that you won't spend the rest of your life regretting it...
  18. I'm skeptical of Heresy's minis after backing one of theirs. The minis, while good looking, were tiny and incredibly thin and fragile. I broke two minis gently washing them under the faucet. Also, on their Fantasy Towers Kickstarter, I saw this comment which makes me skeptical to even try any STLs they do: There is a huge difference between making a cool 3d model, and making a model that actually prints reliably.
  19. That disgusting mini is all I need to see to be convinced
  20. I backed Stonehaven's Dwarves Vol 2, and those looked awesome. Nice variety and personality, amazing reference pictures, and the sculpts all looked great. These... don't look so great. Not bad, just more "amateur". I think (hope) it is the way they're pictured. It is not easy to photograph an unpainted mini. I'm sure doing drawings like they did for the dwarves would be a lot of work, but seems like they could benefit from at least a quick zenithal highlight or even a wash to help show the details. If I wasn't familiar with Stonehaven already, I probably wouldn't give it a second thought. But I know they'll be better than they look here, and likely end up getting the Adventurers set.
  21. You can easily find plastic "jumbo d20"s on Amazon and the like which are perfect for that. Most are quite bland looking, but robust and perfectly functional. I'm sure sites like Etsy have more decorative "artisanal" ones.
  22. I wasn't going to back it at first. I've grown a bit tired of humans / player characters, and for me, townsfolk are basically "less 'exciting' looking humans that are even less likely to see table use." But I recently started painting my Dunkeldorfs from the previous Kickstarter, and now I'm definitely backing. They definitely have a lot of personality, and their styles all fit together so well. Incredibly easy to see how you can have a small town of these colorful characters.
  23. Not sure what the appeal is, other than maybe fans of Squidmar supporting him. Both the busts and brushes seem quite expensive. Can get some Raphael 8404s for quite a bit cheaper, especially after factoring in that shipping. But I guess you get a cool case... though, storing a brush vertically after use is not exactly a good idea. But good for him for getting so much support so quickly.
  24. Oh man, minotaurs are awesome, and those look amazing. Only thing holding me back is my lack of desire in painting that much skin. Will definitely be considering this one...
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