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  1. All entries should show up, whether they are approved or not, when you log into the site. Michael, live painted isn't beta showcase, so that's not the issue ::D:. To be honest, I'm not sure what is; if you're logging into the same account, you should see your entries; it's all keyed off of the identification when you log in. All I can think of is to have you log out completely, close your browser, restart the machine, and make sure you're logging into the same account; if it still isn't working we can try a few things (PM me, or send an email to my first name at reapermini (small round circle) com and we'll figure out why your machine is having issues (at least, I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem).



  2. Just fixed a "bug" I had where the links to the Showcase Gallery from an image in the Inspiration Gallery wasn't working correctly (well, sorta a bug, made the IG before the Showcase and kept telling myself, "don't forget to go back and fix that there link"). Are the tires holding up to the kicking for everyone? All the links/buttons/etc working the way you expect them to when you read/click on them? Have I forgotten anything? Are you all saving up one last batch of mini madness for the weekend for a final stress test? Um... bacon? ::D:

  3. The Miniature Mentor series has a pretty good production value, and you get the benefit of a large array of artists and styles to choose from, but I recommend Laszlo and Jeremie over Miniature Mentor simply for the fact Laszlo and Jeremie are painters making DVDs about painting they way they think painting DVDs should be made, and Miniature Mentor (Sonny, I believe is the name; had a couple of beers with him a couple of times but that was years back) is super-enthusiastic about the hobby but isn't as much of a painter himself. I think sometimes Miniature Mentor focuses on the wrong aspects of what the person is doing at the time instead of the meatier info, but that's just my personal opinion.

  4. ::D:


    The Unknown thing is just some more data replication in the database itself, from what I see; I'm making a list (might even check it once or twice) of such things before I get together with Anne in a large block of time to go over Reaper collection attribution.


    And the difference is one counts all of the pictures submitted by users, and the other is the number of entries. If you make an entry with three pictures, the count would be 3 pics, 1 entry, for example.

  5. To me, claiming Anne is a wet-blender is like claiming Jen Haley only dry-brushes and dips her figures; I'm not sure where this guy thinks he knows things from ::D:. Try not adding anything to MSP's but water; they work just fine, and you don't have to spend money on extra additives for no reason. Jubilee nailed it on the head why real wet-blenders like Marike prefer to use vinyl-based acrylics for wet blending.


    If this is any indication of the quality of information from this guy, maybe you should find other videos to watch, Highpriestrsw2, like Laszlo Jakusovszky's videos (another great wet-blender, who isn't Anne) or Jeremie Bonamant Teboul ::D:.


    Er, just watched both sections of that video; I don't think this guy realizes that not only does Anne make both lines, but she puts flow improver in both. This makes me giggle like crazy ::D:.

  6. Ah; I believe I see what you are getting at, MamaGeek, and I feel you haven't quite grasped the changes being brought about by the Inspiration Gallery.


    First off, once again, The Figure Finder is not finished yet. I had just thought while everyone was looking at the Inspiration Gallery they might like to check out something else that was new, and I'm not sure how much clearer I can make that ::D:.


    Second, because the Figure Finder isn't finished yet, it is only drawing painted images from the current Painted Gallery system, which is in no way, shape, or form tied to the Inspiration Gallery, nor will it be, as the Painted Gallery is going away.


    Third, one of the reasons the fans were asking for an Inspiration Gallery in the first place is they thought it would be really cool if they could submit painted models to Reaper, and, if Reaper thought they were really good/cool/useful pictures, Reaper could use them in the store and elsewhere on the site. This is already happening. You can look through the Online Store, right now, on the live side server, and some of the IG images submitted by users are showing up already.


    So, when the Figure Finder is closer to being finished, then yes, on the detail view, it will incorporate the painted images, but no, it will not be used to find all of the painted images in the Inspiration Gallery. Also, it will only pull the painted images from the Inspiration Gallery that have been "promoted" for use cross-site.


    Does this make sense? I think I finally see what you guys were asking about, and I hope this gets us all on the same page. ::D:

  7. Heya Nameless!


    We set up an auto-mailer to the approval team so they get notified upon each submission; I did put some info in the FAQ that certain times of year will see long approval times (especially Con season), but other than that it should (hopefully) be a fairly fast process.



    1) It was a holdover from the development side of things to the beta when you get re-directed after a successful entry; it should be fixed for now.

    2) I'm not sure what you mean by writing about it. Do you mean a statement in the title about her not having wings? Figures which are active have a "white" in the bottom corner of the expanded view, I think people will figure it out ::D:.

    3) Good point! We had discussed it here, but I apparently managed to leave it out of the FAQ, so here we go!


    I have a converted mini (with parts from another manufacturer), can I post it?


    Conversions are a really cool way of truly making a figure your own! If a figure is roughly 70% comprised of a single SKU and recognizable as such, you may submit that figure under the "majority" SKU. Sculpted extras, accoutrements, and other miscellany are also fine. However, as with the policy above about non-Reaper figures, we cannot post miniatures into the gallery with readily identifiable or iconic parts or bits that were not manufactured by Reaper Miniatures. Obviously, very generic parts (such as a hand, boot, etc) might not be noticeable to the reviewer, while weapons, heads, or other equipment might be more readily identified. It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure the figure does not violate another company's Intellectual Property, and while Reaper Miniatures will make every effort to screen such miniatures it cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in the screening process, but will make every possible effort to quickly remove any images violating this policy when notified by the holder of the Intellectual Property.


    In more generic terms, if you've performed a head swap, weapon swap, sculpted a cape, dremelled off all the hair, or other such modification it will be fine. However, if a figure is a conglomeration of many parts and the "main" part of the figure is not easily recognizable, it will not be allowed in the gallery. As always, Reaper Miniatures has the final say upon which models do or do not fit within the boundaries of this policy.

  8. Well, yeah, it's searching exhaustively through all of Reaper's figures in addition to loading tons of thumbnails sometimes; I'll add an in-progress indicator when I return to the project after my current ones. Just thought some of you might like to check it out ::D:.


    Oh, and the Figure Finder is just about the whites, not color images.

  9. Would doing just one color tag simplify things? Yes. It would still be a subjective process, would add time to the submission and review process, and not work well enough to be useful in the end from a painter's point of view, I believe (unless I can get that pesky Turing AI working and put it through an Art Appreciation course, but it's being stubborn ::D:). Seriously, though, we're not putting in a user tagging system for the Inspiration Gallery; it's completely outside of the scope of what it is intended to be. However, once again, that did set us on the track of making a tool that, once it gets going, will not only be extremely useful, but completely automated. Turn those creative suggestions towards other ideas ::D:.


    I personally think Muffins and Flagons jumped the shark after 7.19 log 7.

  10. Oh, and while you're kicking the tires of the Inspiration Gallery, if you happen to accidentally scroll down the page, click the Figure Finder button, and check that out too, I promise not to tell on you. The categories are still being ironed out, so it's definitely not in a finished state, but you can see what was cooked up for a more user-friendly/self-teaching Figure Finder.


    Of course, you didn't hear this from me.

  11. Probably next week, as the bugs that did crop up are fixed, and everything seems to be working smoothly. I'm still working on a splash/entry page, finishing up some bits here and there on the Showcase Gallery and Artists pages, and will be tweaking the layout a bit on the expanded views (the thumbnail zone's eating up a bit more real estate than it's supposed to), but other than that it looks like it'll be live soon (that's Monkeysoon™, not Reaper Soon™).

  12. Actually, I'd say 1:1 paint/thinner would be too thin for what you're doing. Normally for basecoating I use 3:1 or so paint to water with RMS. Try not adding any flow improver or retarder as well.


    As far as the textures go, it looks to me like the tan has the same level of roughness to it, as well as the skin; is it the photos, or does your primer have some texture to it?

  13. Here's my take on the style/color tags. As most of you know, I'm both the programmer of the Inspiration Gallery, and a painter/Paint Crew member, so I think a lot of you will agree I have a pretty broad perspective over the possibilities and limitations of any system of the sort (along with being able to pick the brain of a fantastically talented programmer and a fantastically talented painter (Hi Kit! Hi Anne!) at a moments notice).


    With that being said, I believe it would be near impossible to make a truly useful, meaningful system to do what you are wanting it to do. The first problem is semantics. My second project at Reaper was to retool the Figure Finder to have a guided search system that limits the number of choices depending upon what was in the system; for example, if someone had selected "Female Orc" then the option for "Ray Gun" would be unavailable due to no female orc models wielding ray guns. The absolute worst category to tag something with and search for, after looking at the entire system, was class. Some classes are so generic the overlap gets ridiculous; one person's fighter is another's barbarian is another's ranger is another's paladin etc. Add to that the fact that, as a company, we can't use trademarked class names from gaming systems to tag our minis, and the system would already start to break people's expectations. "Why can't I find any Weaselmancers to use in my Muffins and Flagons 12.92 game?"


    Beyond class, materials are another large concern. How many times have you looked at a version of a figure and said, "Oh, you painted that as cloth? I thought it was leather", or even, "You painted that as skin? I thought she was wearing pants." Add to this the possibilities of naming the pieces of clothing. One person's skirt might be another's dress.


    Yet another monkey wrench to add are figures with many different materials on them at the same time. A great many figures have armor of some sort as well as cloth; I know a few that have chain mail, scale mail, plate mail, leather, and cloth on them in different armor bits.


    A reverse of the above problems comes with techniques. Beyond the various methods of getting paint onto the figure, such as blending/glazing/feathering/layering/dry brushing/washing/juicing/wet-blending/etc, which are hard to differentiate at the upper end of the skill level, there are very few actual techniques you could search for: NMM, Metallics, Freehand, and Source Lighting are all that come to my mind as easily recognizable techniques that could be meaningfully tagged. Of those four, while Metallics and Freehand are pretty unambiguous (either they used metallic paints and/or painted lines on a mini themselves, or not) one person's NMM and Source Lighting is another person's flat metal and slight color alteration.


    Beyond the semantics and subjective painting is the problem of the actual programming itself. Imagine if someone painted a motley jester in rainbow colors; you would already have nine or ten different colors added to the entry for that model. Then, each color would have to be tagged to each piece of material/part of the mini with that color, since a direct search for "Green cloth" would give a false positive if you had "green blue red cloth leather" as terms. You would need, "green cloth blue cloth red leather red cloth". Now, add to this the actual names of the pieces. "green pants blue shirt red hat red belt". Of course, if users wanted to search for "green cloth pants", you'd have yet another layer of complication "green pants, green cloth, cloth pants, green cloth pants, etc.".


    Now, of course, it could always be less meaningful; we could dump a ton of tags with no relevance together. Using the Gabriella as an example, you could have "Red Yellow Gold Steel Black Grey Blond Plate Cloth Leather Chain Crown Sword Two-Handed Sword Fighter Paladin Ranger Barbarian NMM Freehand Female Human Elf" as tags, and any combinations return matches, but the problems with that sort of system are, the more exhaustive the number of terms you use, the more likely searches will return an overwhelmingly large number of false positives.


    Also, at this point, the only difference between what I listed above for Gabriella and what is currently available under the search is the colors. You can currently do a search for Cloth, or Orcs, or plate, and see several results to scroll through.


    So, in conclusion, between the highly subjective nature of the semantics used for materials, names of items, and classes in general, coupled with the limited useful searchable techniques that could be used on a miniature, and given the excessive size of a system that would be needed to correlate all the data in a meaningful way to allow a computer system to provide valid answers to a human's expectations of art categorization, I don't see us being able to create the sort of system you seem to be wanting.


    That being said, that did inspire us to come up with some innovative ways we could make searches more meaningful, but it's all still in Kit Mad Science mode (and falling into the List Of Things John Will Get His Hands Dirty With So Kit Can Focus On Other Stuff).

  14. Hey Doug! You were correct, the scroll bar appearing is directly related to the zoom. I Zoom'd around several sites (CNN, Facebook, etc) and it's just what happens when you tell your browser to drop its "resolution" to make what you're looking at bigger.


    As far as the P65/Other SKU linkage goes, after discussing it this morning it would be A Whole Other Project in and of its own to integrate into the site as a whole, so while it'll go on the wide, wide List Of Things John Will Get His Hands Dirty With So Kit Can Focus On Other Stuff, I don't know where on that list it'll fall yet. ::D:


    Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we do agree it would be really good to have, and makes a lot of sense to do; it's just a matter of allotting time, figuring out where it should fall in the list of other things that need doing, and so forth.

  15. Hey MamaGeek! I squashed your bug (or at least, it should be good and squashed) when it comes to the voting links appearing correctly; am I correct in assuming you normally don't log in each time, but instead have "remember me" checked, so whenever you go to Reapermini.com it automatically logs you in? Check everything out now, and hopefully you'll see the Thumbs Up system working correctly.

  16. Ah, I understand now Jen. Did you receive Anne's email to the Paint Crew'rs about the workaround for artists listed in the Reaper Collection who also want to post in the Inspiration Gallery?


    Your Display Name on the Reaper site will not change your Forum ID at all, so if you want people to find all your Reaper Collection images in the same search as your Inspiration Gallery images you'll need to have them both be the same thing. Obviously, you can change your IG image attribution at any time, and PM/email me or Kit to change what is in the database for Reaper images.


    One thing we were thinking of doing was putting in a field so someone could link to a forum post about their image in the IG, so that would tie it together.

  17. Hey Kang!


    I have a workaround for IE6 and the weirdness (just messed around downstairs a bit): even though it's not showing up, simply scroll down the page until the entry is off the screen, then back up, and it should appear. Cludgy, I know, but it's the hiccup-y nature of that version of browser when it comes to visibility and positioning. What was really weird was we could only get it to do not show up ~50% of the time.


    Any IE7 users, if you load a large view and the pictures don't show up, let me know please! ::D:

  18. I'm an old Signal Corp NCO at heart still, sethoman, and all the Armed Forces are tradtionally late adopters. When I used to give briefings, I usually liked to throw in "...and we prefer to wait until all the exploits in a piece of software are found, documented, and well-known before using that software." Usually the one person actually paying attention would say, at that point, "Don't you mean found and fixed?", at which point I'd smirk and raise an eyebrow ::D:.


    But, on a serious note, while functional I know a lot of my guys still out there are probably using IE7 (well, ok, they're Signal, they've probably installed something besides IE), but I'd still like to make it non-odd if I can, though it'll take a back seat to making sure everything else works first.


    @Kang: I was testing the display bug on an IE6 machine and didn't notice it, but I'll double check; I not sure how much net CPR I can do for it in the long haul though ::D:. As far as the search goes, I'd have to do a lot of monkeying around to get P65 and sister SKUs to meet together; the tap dance to get all of the reaper collection to display the same way as entries was a pretty big number as is, but I'll put the tie-in bit on the back burner.


    It should be much easier to do the separate painter/sculptor searches, but I originally thought people would want them in all one place, which is why I called it "Artist Finder". That does remind me, though, I need to go back in and make the sculptor listing show up in the expanded view ::D:.


    Thanks once again everyone for kicking the tires thoroughly and helping us out! This is all greatly appreciated; keep it coming!

  19. @Midnight Lurker: I need a bit more clarification of the problem you were seeing after looking things over. It is correct that you have to log in differently to the Reaper site and to the forum (mainly for security purposes, as the forum is 3rd party and such). Did you go to your Account Details page and set a Display Name there? Try changing it now, it should update all your entries correctly.


    Of course, if I'm completely misunderstanding the issue, let me know ::D:.

  20. Mamageek, it's a problem with the system loading everything correctly when you log in; it still won't affect the actual total number of votes ::D:. I'm still working on figuring out the issue with that part.


    Edit @Mamageek: is it letting you do it on the small view, large view, or both?


    Sethoman, I had to do some tap-dancing to get that solution to work, mainly from known issues IE has with positioning and display/visibility issues. It is strange, though, it's appearing visible first, then disappearing, then coming back; it should start not visible at all.

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