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  1. Hm, I'll see why it's not updating when you're logging in from wherever; while the count may show as incrementing, on a fresh search it only looks for "unique" votes from people for an entry, so overall it should be un-paddable.


    That still doesn't mean you all shouldn't try to break it while we're testing it out, mind you ::D:.


    Edit: just checked, system is still counting correctly when pulling up the number of thumbs on a search, going to see what may be going on with why it's not showing correctly on different machines.

  2. New FAQ entry:


    I saw a picture that violated the guidelines here, how is that possible?


    Chances are, if it was a picture from the Reaper Collection, any and all guidelines are out the window. It's Reaper's gallery, after all, they can go crazy if they want to! If you feel an image is grossly breaking the rules, as always, emailing the webmaster (link at the bottom of every Reaper page) is certainly ok. However, the Inspiration Gallery is a vast, organic beast, and we're only just now beginning to see which way it's going to grow, so expect some give and take as well as individual discretion on the part of our reviewers on what does or doesn't count as a valid entry.


    This is the new entry I made for the above question; do you think this addresses the issue clearly and succinctly enough? On the same note, if there's a question/answer in there that doesn't, let me know as well ::D:.

  3. @Sanael: Actually, I haven't approved a thing; while you guys are testing out the building of entries, I'm standing over the ones who'll be doing the approving, yelling at them, screaming, beating them with sticks, etc.


    Ok, ok, I'm asking them very politely to check things out and give me feedback too, but still, it wasn't me (not to say that your stuff doesn't look good in the gallery though ::D:). Thanks for the file size check, I'll go back over my bit count.


    @Doug: Images in the Reaper Collection have no rules. It's Reaper's gallery, they can do what they want to ::D:. We could have revamped the entire database and website in order to avoid such pitfalls, but I don't think anyone wanted to wait the months it would require to do (especially the people who pay me ::D:). Thanks for pointing it out though, as it is something that should probably be in the FAQ. At one point we had considered not adding in the Reaper collection to the IG, but it makes way more sense to have as many images as possible for people to look at to get ideas; apart from a few special cases I don't think it'll be too much of an issue.


    What kind of navigation bar are you using, in which browser, that provides the zoom problems?


    Also, the sizes of the pictures were determined, layout wise, for the majority of viewers of our site; it's a lot of information to put in a tiny space. Part of the consideration was the fact the IG's mainly for people to get ideas on how to paint a mini, so full-on, hugemongous photos weren't necessarily needed (and there's always the forums too).


    @Derek: sorry, didn't see your post earlier. The images on the Artists page were placeholders based of a quick search for "last one done". I asked Anne to update the mass email to that effect, and to ask for input on what images they wanted in that slot (yes, I have your email you sent me). I'll work on picking out some flattering shots right now for the interim.

  4. I'd say just do the resin part; if you've never done a tutorial before you're going to burn yourself out if you try to do a complete kitchen sink writeup. Besides, even if you made a video of everything start to finish along with a 1,000 page diagram of the location and consistency of every brush stroke you made on the figure you'll still get people asking for more ::D:. Keep it focused and to the point, and stick to just the resin topic, as there are already a ton of painting tutorials out there but a much smaller sampling for resin pours.

  5. You're more than welcome; I'm always stoked to see those who took my classes put in some time and come back to show me the results!


    Of course, I also look forward to glaring at those who don't, so either way I have my fun, but the first is definitely more edifying for the other party ::D:.

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