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  1. Heyo! I wanted to paint a Terezinya again to do both a "Monkey from 2005 and today!" and to play around with doing freehand designs before laying color down. While the glazing was fun going from blue to purple down the cape, I will probably do all the freehand as I go while shading/highlighting for the next time I go that nuts. The first Terezinya was one I painted as one of my first minis sold on eBay, so while I needed another good 20 hours into this version to make her good I still think I've come a bit of a way from then. Lemme know what you think!
  2. Heehee; nope, just cross your eyes, works for me from ~2ft away from my monitor. :D
  3. Heh; the UFOs are there to help people align the pictures when crossing their eyes :D. I didn't notice the hair transitions were rough until this morning; that'll teach me to post stuff when not fully caffeinated :D.
  4. There's a place called Metzler's that's only five or six miles from Reaper that has decent BBQ, good German food, and a hooge wine and beer selection. On Fridays and Saturday nights they also do All You Can Eat ribs and catfish, which I always view as a personal challenge.
  5. Another finished, painted mini? The Mayans were right! She was absolutely fun to paint, and fun to try to Tomb-Raider-ify. I had finished the fur and hair before I looked at Anne's painted version and giggled when I saw I'd picked a very similar tone. Anyhow, let me know what you all think!
  6. Heya Andy! I'd actually painted the boots, gloves, and bag to be the same color, but they are kinda lacking in contrast. I think I might have to make a stereoscope tutorial (brief though it might be) to show how I barely shuffle through it :D.
  7. I painted a mini in a week! BE AFRAID! My main thing on this mini was to not worry about cleanliness so much as having fun with colors that I don't usually use. I think she turned out pretty ok-ish, but I'd love to hear you guys tell me what you think works and what makes you want to claw your eyes out. Besides everything.
  8. I'm afraid I'm not quite sure of what it is you speak about; can you link to any examples?
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! I still need to tweak some settings on the ol' camera phone to see if I can get the balance a bit better for the whites. Someone on CMON had made a stereoscopic image for a space marine of theres maybe a year or two ago that I saw. All I use as a "tripod" for my shooting is a bag of rice to steady my phone, and while I was lining up the shot I got the idea to try to take a picture. I looked online for "macro stereoscopic" and ran across a blog with all sorts of depth calculations, things to watch for, etc., and promptly proceeded to not read any of it. I d
  10. Here are the latest ones from the "See John actually paint some minis this year" album. The blue needed a lot of smoothing, and the freehand is rough, but I feel like I'm still inching forward. One or two more and I think I'll be back in form. Sorry if the stereoscopic image gets you a headache, hopefully it'll not make your eyes bleed too badly :D.
  11. The Asylum usually has a pretty good selection of Freebooter from time to time as well.
  12. Thanks for the comments all! @DrBedlam: I used the Ocean Blue triad (Surf Aqua, Marine Teal, Deep Ocean), took it all the way down to 1:1 Blue Liner:Green Liner, and highlighted with 1:1 Ghost White/Linen White with Pure White on top. Figuring out placement of lights for it was mainly by looking at anything reflecting out to the horizon and down didn't go past Surf Aqua and anything horizon and upwards didn't go past Deep Ocean with the usual Golden Child rules of NMM engagement on top. I'd be glad to sit down with ya and show you it; I probably won't have my hands on Monique anymore but
  13. What? I wasn't even in this thread. Nobody told me about any fish!
  14. Heyo! Been too long since I finished something, I know, but thought I'd do a quick model to start getting back up to speed before the imminent ReaperCon (since those How Not To Sucks don't teach themselves (yet)), and also as a test piece for some army painting I'll be doing all this week. I thought doing shiny teal NMM, burnished gold NMM, and some black highlighted up with the stone greys would be a fun way to get the hand working again, and Monique didn't fight me too much. Since she was a quick paint job I didn't do any glazes or washes; what you see is non-optimized layerin' at its
  15. The website login isn't the same as the forum login; if you were on a different machine than you normally use you'd need to log into both the store and the forum separately.
  16. Also, don't forget you can load up any picture to the Power Palette and get some pretty good MSP/MSP HD ballpark figures, like so.
  17. Hey guys! As always, don't be afraid to give the search function on the site a shot, as a lot of common painting questions have been already asked. In the Advanced Search on the Painting forum, with the search terms "+wet +palette", this topic from June this year was one of the first ones up, along with a good three pages of results. Try giving them a look-through as I think it'll answer a lot of the questions you have now .
  18. If you do a search for Boerogg in the forums you can see the posts where the ReaperPeeps™ in charge of production said a metal version would easily hit $50-55 in metal, which I'm only assuming was for P-65 due to the size and weight of the figure. Just in those threads alone are a lot of people who chime in about $55 being a bit out of their comfort zone for a model like that.
  19. Linking images is only turned on in certain sub-forums, I believe. If you want to post pics of finished minis Show Off is the best place for it .
  20. It says underneath him that he's tentatively scheduled for October; October isn't over yet . Reaper releases things several times throughout the month. Someone who knows more about the current LE timeline might be by later to chime in with more exact information.
  21. Hello GWS! First question can be answered in the sticky thread in this forum, "Paint product descriptions". Dargrin is wrong about washes, as we do sell washes; however, you can turn any paint color into a wash with water and some flow improver. Clear colors are covered in the same Product Description link above, and I'm not sure what you're after regarding the metallics, so you might have to do some digging on that one, or let us know better what you're trying to find out. As always, using the Advanced Search option on this forum can find answers to tons of questions, since not only ha
  22. If you do a search for "+airbrush +primer" in the Advanced Search from the link in the top right, and focus just on this subforum, you'll see the endless threads going over this in a lot of detail .
  23. When you have some attack cards with more than four players it does bog down; I'd much rather have two different three-player games going than one six player one.
  24. Base game is totally worth it. You only use 10 different "resource" cards per game, and there are 30, so the interactions between the various cards and the endless permutations give it really great replay value. It's a very different kind of card game as the goal is to get as many victory point cards in your deck before the game ends, and that you build the deck you play with as you go along. Some of the expansions seemed to flow way better than others; I wasn't a fan of Alchemy, but like Intrigue, Cornucopia, and a couple of the others pretty well. Save the cash, though, till after you
  25. As always, questions such as this should be sent to [email protected] for resolution.
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