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  1. In general, I usually go 4:1 or 5:1 paint:water for basecoating, 5:2 or 3:1 for layering, and for side/drybrushing the same as a basecoat. You should expect two to three coats to cover primer. As always, though, those are rough estimates. No matter what paint you're using, you can't go wrong with Ye Olde Common Sense; if it's taking too many coats to cover add more paint, if it's too thick add water. Happy painting! ::D:

  2. The Power Palette can only match with colors in the line, Haldir; it can't mix colors to give equivalencies, which is why they're coming up with Misty Grey. While it isn't an exact match, I'd take that for a base color, and mix in bits of others to try to match the ones you're going for.

  3. Heya Orionjp! There are quite a few stickies in the top of this forum that'll cover a lot of the basics. The Glossary Sticky covers several common terms you're bound to run into, and the Tutorial Sticky has tons of links to tutorials (link takes you to a post about glazing). The short short answer is a Glaze is just like a Wash in consistency, but with a mid-range to lighter color instead of a dark, and typically drawn out of low spots before it dries so shadows aren't darkened too much.

  4. Another thing you can try that I don't see mentioned yet is one I was doing for my winged Finari conversion (which still isn't done yet). Do all your pinning of the wings and test-fit them into the body, and get that part all figured out before you primer. Then, either wet the body down with water or even vaseline, place the wings in, and do your putty work; if you do it quick water or spit should work, if you think it'll take you a bit then use vaseline. That way, you can get all the sculpting done up front. Wash the body off, prime and paint all pieces separate, then assemble with a dab o'glue and greenstuff. You might have to touch up a few small spots that way, but otherwise it should work fine.


    The other method I do for spots that are hard to reach is the ol' flood with Brown Liner while I'm lining. If it's going to be in shadow anyway, a bit of extra shadow won't hurt ::D:.

  5. 1) Don't hold the bottle perpendicular to your palette, hold it at ~45 degrees; the agitator might be sinking to the nozzle inlet.


    2) Be sure to put the cap on after squeezing out paint to help avoid paint drying in the nozzle.


    3) Use a paper clip or larger-bore pin vise bit to unclog, doing so will increase the aperture size of the nozzle.


    4) If the same bottle keeps having problems you might have a small chunk of either dried paint or latex in it. The paints are strained prior to pumping to avoid 99.999% of 'em, but it can happen sometimes. Take out the nozzle and clean it with just water, and use a pokey tool to check the neck of the bottle for dried bits of paint.

  6. Nope, I didn't even give you a Soon™. As the guy who's just about as low as you can go in the web/software process here at Reaper all I can say about anything is what's above; there's a ton of stuff we'd like to do, we know there's a ton of stuff you'd like for us to do, and not a whole heckuvalotta time to do a good chunk from either group ::D:.

  7. I think the wish list went away ~3 years ago Nytflyr. It's one of the things we're really wanting to implement in a bigger, better way, but there's a mountain of projects in front of us at the moment, so while we realize there's a ton of people who really, really want one, we'll be able to get to it when we're able to get to it ::D:.

  8. According to Anne, who's still downstairs painter-wrangling, the line is a 36-color line, so yes, the case holds the entire line. Also, there are the two slots in-between the brush slot and the handle which could accommodate the other two colors easily, so with the extended definition it _still_ holds the entire line ::D:. Besides, we're talking about the entire line in its current incarnation; there's nothing to say that Anne can't add more later, so at some point in the near or distant future you might not be able to fit all of your MSP-HD in one case.


    I mean, it's not like Reaper has a caddy big enough to hold all 200+ MSP's either ::D:.

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