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  1. My coding sensei has a lot of English courses under his belt (possible a degree in it, if memory serves correctly). Since it's a comma separated list (guest starring my old pal, the Oxford Comma) the list should be read as separate entities. If it had read, "In the past we've stuck in the ReaperCon Sophie (a special annual Con figure, rumored this year to be a Cowboy Mousling), a Master Series Paint or two, and your t-shirt if you order it.", I'd say I could understand the confusion, but given the construction I personally don't understand the logical disconnect.


    I usually have my battered copy of Strunk and White next to my computer but I've been moving a few things here and there, so I can't give a full breakdown, but that's how I read it. ::D:


    I apologize also for not having a shiny Reaper button under my name; since I'm most active under the painting areas and one of the Reaper Paint Crew I chose to have the Paint Crew picture under my name. I would make a giant hybrid of the official Reaper Peep picture plus the painting avatar, but that would necessitate making whoever runs the forums having to jump through way more hoops than is usual. Most of the time when I'm answering questions in my "official" capacity as a programmer I never have to qualify myself, mainly because people believe me since I take blame for when bugs pop up ::D:.

  2. You're misreading it AuldGrump, there's going to be a Tomb Raider Sophie and a cowboy mousling. I know I'm just the web understudy here at Reaper and I don't have a Reaper Tag, so I'll get Ron, Kit, and/or ReaperBryan on to confirm it all, since your fears are as yet unassuaged. I just don't want other people seeing this and running off spreading rumors with no basis ::D:.

  3. I think he might have been mistaken from misreading the news post about bags being shipped if you buy a ticket to the con but don't come: "In the past we've stuck in the ReaperCon Sophie, a special annual Con figure (rumor this year is that it's going to be a cowboy Mousling), a Master Series Paint or two, and your t-shirt if you order it."

  4. Where did you get that notion from Grump? My understanding was the Con Sophie was going to be the one depicted in the artwork, and the cowboy mousling the At-the-Con-only mini. I'm sure a Reaperite with more knowledge than me will chime in due time to confirm, but I know I'd heard nothing about the Con Sophie being cancelled.

  5. No kidding; for the past two years now I've had one class a day, and even just the two hours of How Not To Suck had so much talking from me I was losing my voice by day three. Not to mention usually in my class I'm painting two or three minis at a time while passing around another couple of figures.


    Also, I forgot to take into account the room-to-room heckling, that'd derail a video all by itself.

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