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  1. That, and for painting I know I usually have my lamps, two palettes, paper towels, water glasses, and paint spinners or caddies all around, not to mention all the demo items. I usually finagle like crazy just to get space for a large cup of coffee much less a giant thing taking up room that would get in the way of painting and demoing ::D:.


    If you're really wanting classes to improve, timmy65, look for painting DVDs that will teach you how to transition smoothly from one color to another (be it blending, layering, or whatever). Once you know how to physically get paint on the model everything else boils down to where to put the paint, and you could probably pick up almost all of what you want to know online or in existing DVDs made specifically for teaching.


    In other words, yes, it would be really super cool and awesome to put all ReaperCon classes on a disk, where you can see every brush stroke the painter makes and every gesture they give to the students. In reality, there's just no way that can happen, unless you happen to know a couple of multi-millionaires willing to part with gigantic sums of money for no return value at all ::D:.

  2. As far as I know none of the classes will be filmed; it'd be really hard to do so, especially as you can have two classes going on in adjacent rooms at the same time. Also, it'd be a nightmare trying to give the people who paid for facetime enough quality teaching while also pausing for the camera to get everything. Most of the painting DVDs you see can take days of filming just to get the couple of hours worth of decent footage. I think you'd be much better served using a DVD set like Laszlo's and going through it if you're looking for video instruction, or any kind of painting DVD designed to teach. ::D:

  3. Those who are new to ReaperCon should also be aware that the Reaper facilities are pretty much in the middle of a big nowhere, and although one could conceivably walk to Kroger (if one were not going to die of heatstroke in texas in May), there are no side walks and it'd be dangerous.

  4. You don't, because your name is Joe.






    I'm just kidding. The bonus paints aren't really bonus paints from what I understand. They will be available in the two box sets, and also be sold individually, just like the regular paints. So, I guess Reaper just decided to add two more paints after they initially settled on 36 and decided to call them bonus paints.


    It's been answered before Haldir; you can buy all 38 MSP HD now. ::D:

  5. I'd also recommend going easy on the gunk or only using pure water for mixing in with your paints, depending on what paint line you're using (letting us know would help). Flow Improver and Extender are better used to add and "fix" problems (extender for dry climates or while wetblending, flow improver for tiny detail work) rather than always-used mediums.


    In regards to the painted version of the figure linked by Stubbdog earlier I can give ya a few pointers on where to start. The back of his cape/cloak is purple as is any cloth under his armor (skirt, elbows of the sleeves, between the waist belt and top) and the bindings on the spear. Armor with filigree is green while large plates are brown. The gold is NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) and done badly in places in regards to where the light is; if I go back and revisit him I'll make it not so hap-hazard (the spot under the gem on the spear is the biggest offender). If you're new to painting I'd suggest using gold metallic paint instead of jumping into NMM right from the start (and silver metallic paint for the spear head while you're at it). The inner part of the cloak is all cream; I'd basecoat all of the figure that I could and then build up several layers of cream to cover any spots that need fixing.


    The bird was a PITA and the last thing finished on it. I forget what kind of hawk I thought would be cool for him to have, so maybe a raven would be easier ::D:.

  6. Oops, almost forgot; you can also use the Advanced Search on the forums to find info. For instance, I typed in "Liner", hit Titles Only, and selected this subforum, and got thirteen good hits.


    As far as consolidated information goes message boards aren't exactly the best format (though you do get great results from broad searches). I can't think of any comprehensive FAQs on any website for all the information you're looking for, but someone who knows more about different tutorial sites might point you in the right direction.

  7. The classes are also sold the day of for the people who don't get the class they want when they go on sale online (whether they were at work/asleep when the frenzy starts, etc.). It's impossible to post classes live in the store at a time that everyone thinks is "fair" to them, so it's a way of giving people coming from all over to the Con another chance at their Must Have Class(es).


    And please, please, don't fill up your entire Con with classes thinking that if you only sit and listen to enough painters you'll automagically vault several painting "levels" at once. One or two a day with practice time in-between is more than enough to fill most people's heads.


    Also, I would like to state that "How Not to Suck", while a great class, is taught by an absolute loon. If you do go, be sure to bring him a tall mocha latte; I hear after he has twelve or thirteen of them he talks so fast your brain still hears his voice for weeks afterward.

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