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  1. Yep; you've got all these poor, overburdened Crusaders walking around a hot, stuffy climate in the world's worst wearable dutch ovens. All Khufu wants to do is give them a hand in removing it.
  2. Hey Dancin' Debbie, didn't see if anyone else clarified but the guy above Derek's picture is Vincent, Asylum regular, and Darksoul was the guy next to Jester in the other one. Very nice pictures too by the way :)
  3. You should've seen Bryan's eyes lighting up as he was showing off this guy when he first made it. I tell ya, *snif*, they grow up so fast....
  4. Geez Jester, I make one or two [Ed: hundred] little puns and all of the sudden I'm the bad guy. I get it. And Amy, we couldn't bear it if you changed your shirt. teehee
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