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  1. Shaking your paint will introduce plenty of oxygen to rust your BBs; I'd strongly recommend against BBs at all as well.


    Also, one of the main reason people recommend paints designed for miniature painting over craft paints is the substance used to produce coverage. In miniature paints it's usually white pigment that's added, but in artist paints it's ground silicates/clay (Anne would be more knowledgeable on the particulars); the larger particles in the craft paints make them chalkier/clumpier to the eye.

  2. If your photos are too large, and are taking several seconds to upload, it can sometimes cause problems; I was able to replicate the same kind of error using one normal sized picture and one several MB in size. I noticed a lot of your images posted to the forums are cropped from your camera but not resized (1.2-2.5MB), and that would be the first culprit I could think of in regards to your issues. While the IG will accept files larger than the 300KB limit posted on the FAQ we still ask that people stick to that guideline to avoid these kinds of issues. I think the largest IG image dimension is 500x500px, and the largest we usually go on the site is 800x800px; try resizing your photos to 800px max on the larger side and see if you have the same problems.

  3. Nothing was reported as errors, Cyradis. When you say that the figures "wouldn't even go to pending", do you mean that when you submitted the entry it took you back to your Manage Entries page, yet the figure did not show up? Any errors will show you, on the top of the entry screen, what is wrong with your images or text to cause it to not submit; without those I can't do any troubleshooting for you.

  4. Actually, Mamageek, while we have industrial AC's for the warehouse, they have an insanely hard time keeping the upstairs where all the artists and sculptors are cold with all of the bodies, lamps, and outside heat, even in May. Usually the units are struggling to keep things under 80 degrees. ::D:


    Besides the wings, I think there should be cheesecake recipes in the calendar from Vince as well, to go along with all the other cheesecake.

  5. I decided I'd represent Reaper at the zombie walk with my interpretation of the Bucket Head Zombie from Plants vs Zombies. Once people started "getting" who I was it seemed I couldn't shamble anywhere without having my pic taken. My gf was dressed up as a schoolgirl with a zipper running down the front of her and her skin "peeled" from neck to navel (so I don't think I can post her picture here).



  6. Hello peebles, I wanted to show off my speedy (but darned cute, I think!) version of Anjanis, Elf Druid. This plus the other mini I finished this week, plus the exchange one, plus the others, means I've painted more minis this year than last year already ::D:. I know she's rough in places, as I didn't spend a lot of time smoothing her out, but I still don't think she's too bad. I hope you like her!




  7. Hello everyone! As some of you may remember, many months ago while giving a sneak peek at some of the new stuff coming down the pipe, we also gave a look at the planned upgrade to the Reaper Figure Finder. The older incarnation had checkboxes that allowed you to click umpteen million variables for figures, thereby almost guaranteeing no results ::D:. The main design goal with this new version was a guided search that would update itself as it went to show which options would actually return figures. Note that the underlying mechanics remain the same; you can still type whatever you want into the search box, hit [GO], and see what happens.


    The "class" options at the bottom are a relatively new grouping of tags for miniatures. We decided going towards general roles rather than specific was warranted due to the fact some class names are properties of their respective game systems, and we didn't want users to search for "Weaselmancer" and get no results. We also ran into the problem of so much class overlap for single figures; giving a guy holding a sword the ranger, rogue, barbarian, fighter, paladin, kitchen sink, etc. tags was getting to be a bit much.


    The detail page has also been updated to show painted versions of miniatures both from the Showcase gallery and images from the Inspiration gallery that were promoted for use in the store/site. As always, tags are constantly being tweaked behind the scenes as well, but you should be able to find a wide variety of figure results from the guided search.


    I hope you enjoy the revamp of the Figure Finder!

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