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  1. I personally keep my paint at skim consistency if I'm lightly sketching freehand, or if I'm not sure of what I'm going to do yet, but usually I keep the paint about as thick as I do a basecoat. With a good 0 or 1 brush and some practice you can get pretty precise lines without much effort. Definitely practice painting lines on pieces of paper or flat spots of your palette, and try to think of it the same as using a pencil in how you approach holding and using your brush.
  2. Search for +pathfinder +swag See ReaperBryan's post in the middle, none of the licensed lines have had Proochases. Kang, I'm pretty sure the info on the PoP page is to mean that a Proochase from a boxed set isn't worth more than just a blister. I'll poke someone around here to get the "final answer".
  3. You asked this question back in June, coastiemike . 19th-22nd of May 2011.
  4. Nope, I remember her as one of the list of people who didn't come up when their name was called. If you could send your mailing info to us, Inarah, we can get a medal sent out to you. I'm PM'ing you the email address of who to send it to, along with more info and stuff .
  5. Ok, the short, short, short version: Paint something big, not an actual contest, just a desire on Anne's part.
  6. ...for All-Terrain Monkey! I just checked my mail and saw her sitting in the box! Thanks for the great mini, O Shark What is Made of Diamonds! The conversion is flawless in person and the colors really pop; she'll be sitting guard (from her vantage point) over all my other minis from trade . Thanks again!
  7. So sngle figures, no dios 54mm or larger for this one; correct? I whittled down Anne's post for the salient bits; not sure how it could get much clearer . You can still paint whatever the heck you want for the painting contest, this is just an informal challenge is all.
  8. Yep, she's talking about large models, not dioramas. Doesn't have to be resin, since there are some large vehicle plastic kits and whatnot.
  9. Kristof, you do realize that there are some computer/console games sell more in their first weekend of sales than some summer movie blockbusters make worldwide in the same time frame, right?
  10. If you swing by on Saturday I can show you the difference Chip.
  11. I can add a "Berate" button next to the notification button you can click repeatedly if that helps?
  12. Valloa, if it was Saturday then, the judges didn't _know_ they were judging till _after_ all the entries were in. They were a last-minute choice. So, at the time you heard two people talking about the judging for Sophies, they weren't judges. I'd feel really weird if nobody is allowed to comment about the models at all until after the contest, but that would be the only way to ensure misunderstandings like you heard didn't happen.
  13. Ok, clocked out of Codemonkey mode so I can put on my Suburb-class painter hat (Hi Bosses!). Valloa, I'm almost 100% certain you heard me talking in the contest room. On Friday afternoon, around 5-ish I think, I took a spin around the room to see what had been entered since I hadn't been in there all day; I know it was late in the day because Derek took his sweet time finishing his diorama. In the room was Mengu Gungor, another painter, and Vickie Saunders, who was manning the room. I spent about five minutes or so looking over all the entries, and at one point, Mengu asked me someth
  14. Illustrious86, you do know that if you order more than 35 GBP you qualify for free shipping, right?
  15. Yep, there's no set timetable beyond "Once it's done." It'll take a bit to process all of the photos, apply the correct information to them, and get them in the system. Rest assured it's something we know people want to see and eagerly look forward to, but even a rough guesstimate on a timeline would bring nothing but heartache . It looks like last year they were posted about four weeks after the Con was over, not sure about years prior ('course, not sayin' if it'll take longer or shorter this year, always a lotta stuff going on).
  16. They gave us brown briefs for a reason, ya know.
  17. Hooah Sarge, be sure to use both feet to use both feet when kicking their fourth point of contact!
  18. Thanks for the comments all, I'm glad you like it! I went pretty light with the hair, Thorn, because I was worried about it being too close to the armor colors; it could definitely use a bit more oomph. Captenglish, the blue was based in Templar Blue, and layered with Purple Liner, Ritterlich Blue, Templar Blue, Ashen Blue, Ghost White, Pure White, and lots of glazes of Templar Blue and Clear Blue. Er, well, it might have been Ultramarine Shadow instead of Ritterlich Blue, either would work just fine. As far as the freehand goes, the base, shield back, and the crosses on the shiel
  19. I finished the Master Series version of Finari I started at the last Con a couple weeks back (yes, that's right, I've finished more than one mini this year), and while my photo-fu isn't the fu-ist I figured I'd snap a couple of photos until we get the pro shots in. I'd say she was around a thirty hour mini, and I could've (and in some places should've) sunk in some more time to smooth things out, but at that rate she'd never be done. The idea behind this version was to have one painted in the same colors Anne used on the 28mm Finari for Warlord, and while I went a bit more goldish on her
  20. Thanks for the comments everyone! The collar bones are sculpted on the figure; usually I'll hit them with a bit of highlights and shading without going too far, which would make her look like Skeletor's niece.
  21. After painting for a coupla years I decided I should actually paint a mini and not sell it/give it away/ransom to Reaper/etc. Lauren's only about 8-10 hours of work, and pretty rough in spots (her eyes could use more work, as well as smoothness overall) but I'm pretty darned happy with her. When I saw the figure and outfit my mind immediately said "Final Fantasy Red Mage" so that's what the paint job's based off of; I'll have to make a Viera conversion one of these days.
  22. More information is needed to really get a good idea, Kilazar. What did you use to cut the paint when you were putting it through the airbrush? Also, when you're painting on the Deep Red with a brush, what are you mixing in the paint to thin it? Just water? Any additives? What's the rough ratio to paint:additives? That'll help dial it in a bit as to what the problem might be.
  23. Like this one? I don't remember any official ones beyond the summer painting contests after the Con.
  24. Which triad would that be Stubbdog? There was the Warm Light Brown triad that had Golden Blonde in it, but went as dark as Tanned Leather.
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