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  1. Nah, not quite as cool as Kuler yet, though don't think I haven't been dreaming of automatic color-matched paint scheme generators while in the laboratory.


    Seriously, though, go to the Inspiration Gallery, which had its expanded view updated; not only can you use the Lite version of the tool inside the IG itself, but there's a link that will take the picture you're currently looking at and load it up in the full version of the tool!


    (And, yes, I've been working on this thing for weeks and still am really excited about it, does it show?)

  2. @Qwyksilver: you don't have any images under half a meg? o.O Besides, you can find tons of images in the Inspiration Gallery ::D:.


    @Sarge: Initial rollout was for MSP's only. We've discussed the work involved with adding in other Reaper lines as needed (such as Pro Paints and the nano-tech automatic mini-painting molecules scheduled to be released in 4017) but for now we're just going with MSP's; once all the bugs are fully exorcised and whatnot we'll look at it again.


    And, as Kit says, the FAQ/instructions are coming, but feel free to ask anything and everything that pops into your minds right now.

  3. Ah, gotcha; I was thrown off a bit by "find painted versions of your minis" ::D:.


    There are a couple of projects ahead of the Figure Finder at the moment, so I have no idea when it'll be updated, as my entire focus is on finishing up the current project so I can start work on the next one. Granted, throwing a link in seems quick and easy, but I wouldn't want the link to appear if there were no painted images to speak of. That necessitates not only integrating some of the IG features into the FF, but also overhauling the tags to make them more useful and meaningful, which rolls into updating the FF backbone (as the method it uses to search is outdated), so forth and so on. While it all sounds quick and easy on paper, the fact the user-submitted content is formatted differently than the Reaper collection (due to the way the site's grown organically) makes it no small endeavor. Whenever the Figure Finder pops up on my project list again I'll make a post about it to gather ideas and suggestions, much as we did with the Inspiration Gallery. Sound good? ::D:

  4. Hey Mamageek!


    The Figure Finder is never going to be used to find painted versions of your minis. You can go into the Inspiration Gallery right now and either type in your name to find your minis, or use the handy-dandy dropdown box to select your name! ::D:


    What may have made you think there would be a tie-in from the Inspiration Gallery to the Figure Finder was when someone asked before if, on the detail view of a mini in the Figure Finder, it would pull all the images from the Inspiration Gallery of that figure as well. The answer to that was part of the Inspiration Gallery's purpose was to allow the fans of Reaper to provide possible images for Reaper to use on the rest of the website (as requested by you guys, the fans ::D:). Obviously not every image is automatically used in that way; to avoid cluttering up certain pages and views we normally only use one or two painted versions of a mini in that way. There might end up being a hundred versions of a mini that are all killer paintjobs, but if it chokes the store, Figure Finder, or any other page it loses its usefulness.


    And, to further clarify, the Figure Finder's purpose is to allow people to find miniatures quickly that match their character concept as closely as possible. When a detail view is given painted versions are obviously helpful to let people quickly see what different parts of the mini are (as sometimes whites can be confusing). The Inspiration Gallery's purpose is to let people quickly find all painted versions of a particular mini, minis sculpted by a certain sculptor, or minis painted by a certain painter. You can still type in the exact same search words as you would in the Figure Finder in the Inspiration Gallery search box and get pretty much the same list of figures anyway.


    Finally, as a tease, from the comments and suggestions before we came up with a fantastic new tool we think everyone will love that'll change how the Inspiration Gallery looks along with a brand-new tool. Who knows, you may even see it pop up in the next day or so... *muah ha ha ha ha*.


    So, lemme know if that clears up your confusion, MamaGeek, or if I missed the intent of what you were asking completely (which is possible, as I'm currently working with the various pooches in the house letting me know what a horrible person I am for not letting them eat all the snow in the backyard, and therefore distractamacated a bit).

  5. I'd have to say, no matter if you continue on with a regular brush handle or a modified one, that consciously relaxing your hand is the best thing you can do by far. Any tensing or extreme flexing is going to create a very hard, shaky hand that will inhibit the nuances of brush control needed for precision work. Are you gripping your brush in the same way you were a pencil? If not, I suggest you try it; it might cure you of the death-grip (unless, of course, you try to choke your pencils as well).


    As far as tensing being bad, excessive tension on the finger will cause oxygen starvation in the localized muscles compared to the relative bloodflow in the rest of the body, which, if unregulated, will cause you to tighten down further, exacerbating the problem in a loop (years of shooting rifles in the Army taught me that much at least). Remember that it's the deformation of the bristles of the brush that allow paint to flow off it (by changing the capillary action of the bristles in a relaxed brush to a deformed state in a brush tip on a miniature) and not how hard you grip the brush that determines how much paint flows off of it. If you continue having problems, try painting thin lines across a sheet of ruled paper (or, better yet, turn it 90 degrees and paint lines up and down it) while keeping as light a grip on the brush as possible.


    If your grip for a normal writing implement is less severe than for the brush, try alternating drawing lines with the brush and with the pencil/pen to train your brain to treat them as one and the same. If you're not already mounting figures you're painting to bottles, empty film canisters, or other such surfaces, do so; you'll most likely find being able to rotate the model to accommodate a vertical up-and-down stroke (think writing a capital letter 'i') will lessen the amount of control you need to produce good, repeatable results.


    And, in the end, if you find yourself gripping your mouse, pen, paintbrush, or other implements in daily life with too much force, remember that you're ultimately in control of your body; while it may take a bit of time and conscious effort to break yourself out of a habit, as a sentient being you'd look quite silly not being able to do so altogether ::D:.

  6. No, seriously guys, that's not the dragon you're looking for. Just talked to Anne who's way to busy to get online today; that's one that was speed-painted for advertising so no WIP was done on it whatsoever. WIP of the dragon will come when she has time to work on the longer-term one. The quick version still looks pretty cool, and is a fine paint-job and all, but it wasn't the one she was painting for this thread in any way, shape, or form.


    Seriously, breathe! ::D:

  7. For all those Inspiration Gallery users, you can now cut and paste the link to your forum post in whole in the management screen (though inputting just the topic number itself will always work). You shouldn't have to update any of your old links either, so don't worry about them.

  8. You can either line after you prime and use your basecoat to "fix" it, line after you basecoat and re-line afterwards, line after you do all your highlighting and shading, or any combination. The thing is, when you first start doing it, it _is_ going to go everywhere. There's not much you can do to stop it, except for realizing it'll take a bit to "train" your hand at doing it.


    I always use the analogy of learning how to write. When we start writing, we have humongous pencils on paper with gigantic lines and tic-marks going down each line, and it still took you ten minutes to do a lowercase 'e'. Now you can probably write without thinking about it.


    Same with painting, especially lining. Sounds really easy on paper, but it does take a little practice to get better at it. If you consistently monitor your paint thickness, keep an eye on what you're doing, and focus on the task, you should start to feel real improvement with only a dozen minis or so. It also helps if you mount the figure you're painting on something you can hold comfortably in your hand, and rotate the figure constantly so the predominant stroke you're making with your brush is analogous to writing a capital letter i 'I' either top to bottom or bottom to top. Doing the "same" stroke over and over again will teach you brush control faster than if one hand is cramping out your painting hand, and if you can't rotate it freely. ::D:

  9. @primeval: Hooray! Glad we got it working, and exonerated your machine ::D:.


    Also, if you'll notice, Forum Links are now active. Obviously, you need to have a forum post first to make it work, but adding one in after entry creation's the same as giving your entry a title. You can either tease out the number after "Showtopic" or just copy and paste the entire address bar and you should be all set.

  10. Maltique sacrificed a lot of time and sanity this evening to track down the posting bug issue, so many thanks to her! It's not completely live yet, so for those who've been unable to submit, let me make the changes airtight; tomorrow I'll post when it's all ready to go for full-on testing.



  11. Hey, not everything is for you guys! Monkey codes for in-house use as well! Well, ok, the thing I'm working on now will let employees get some things done faster and easier, so technically it benefits you all in the long run ::D:.


    The IG images are about 100px x 100px smaller than what was in the Painted Gallery; as I answered to someone above (I forget) InspirationGallery v1.0 was engineered for the majority of our users, who still run 800x600 resolution and have slower connections. I have a hoooge monitor at home and more bandwidth than I had at some of my field sites in the Army, so I feel your pain ::D:.


    That being said, we realized early on that there would be a lot of features asked for by you guys after we rolled out the IG; rather than try to pack every single thing we possibly could, we thought putting it out there for people to start using and enjoying would be a good thing (especially as this was first talked about a coupla years back), but take all the suggestions, figure out what we can and can't do (seriously, no user tagging guys ::D:), and roll that into a large update down the road (IG v2.0!).


    Currently on the list is allowing users to post a link to the forums, which would let them easily tie in larger pictures and get feedback. In addition, after making an on-demand loader to reduce the initial load footprint for users on slower machines, we're thinking of having a "maximize" option that will allow you to see really, really large images, along with tying in boneyard bits (where applicable), along with the option of making it the "default" rather than expanding.


    However, no timetable on such a thing yet. We're still hammering out the bugs on the current implementation and tweaking things here and there where needed behind the scenes. But, feel free to keep throwing out ideas, and telling us what's important to you for this. Right now we're pretty happy with its use and functionality (I'm stoked that, looking at the logs, most people are able to create an entry in less than 60 seconds), and are looking forward to stamping out the last few stubborn bugs (seriously, we're just as puzzled and frustrated when entries don't load that should as you are).

  12. @primeval and Maltique: just completely redid how we're doing file type testing, please give it a run on the machines you had problems with before, if you have a chance.


    @Mamageek: The Figure Finder is not live yet for a while. Forget I even mentioned a Figure Finder. ::D:


    The tie-in you're referring to was when you were asking why IG entries weren't showing up in the FF, and the short answer was because the FF rework was made first, the IG second, and no further time has been spent on the FF. Short answer, select IG entries will show up in detailed view of FF, but not for a while, so please don't ask about it, timeline, or anything else; bigger fish are currently frying ::D:.

  13. Hm; I might have introduced an error. I know this sounds silly, but try .jpg instead of .JPG; if it works, we'll know how silly I was.


    Edit: Actually, tested it out myself, and yes, I had a really stupid error in there; try lowercasing your file names for now, and I'll get the working copy updated as soon as possible (though might not be for a while).


    --Bad Monkey


    Edit #2: should be working just fine now.


    --Somewhat Redeemed Monkey

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