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  1. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K ork gretchin

    Hi there, finally I managed to finish this set a bit less caution with the latest guy for paint but well I believe it should look ok on a table :)
  2. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K - Ork gretchin

    Hi everybody, Just a little up on those guys , I am nearly done, left with the boss now :)
  3. giyomuSan

    Barbarian Family

    great family here ! Very cool skintone
  4. giyomuSan

    Plague Marines

    look awesome !
  5. giyomuSan

    BugBear Warrior 77015

    Hi guys, My take on this bad boy :)
  6. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K - Ork gretchin

    One more done ...still 7 minis to go to finish this ork band :D
  7. giyomuSan

    Maledrakh's 77116 Colossal Skeleton

    awesome work ! I would have maybe do a more chaotic base for him but anyway great work
  8. giyomuSan

    Thendiel AutumnLeaf Scale75 mini

    Just finished that one who was sitting on my desk for long time. Kind of mess up one eyes looking close up but hmm , this is still my weak point ( cause I usually avoid them haha ).
  9. giyomuSan

    Battle Mage on Pony #03806

    cool work on the poney , love it !
  10. giyomuSan

    Nightblade Ranger 77049

    Thanks all, glad you like it. My idea for colors was more of a ranger guy maybe doing stuff in forest environment and such..so the green and brown was my go to obviously..then I just tried to keep the overall element sober and not having color popping up on him. It also kind of making things simpler since you end up dealing with few base color and the rest is just shading things or couple glaze to change the tint
  11. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K - Ork gretchin

    Did not gave up on those little boy , already have 2 more done
  12. giyomuSan

    Satheras, Male Warlock 77040

    Here my last one that needed to be completed
  13. giyomuSan

    Arrius Skeletal Warrior 77158

    Another one done :D .. not enough or too much blood maybe well.. xD
  14. giyomuSan

    Bandit Leader 77507

    Sandy base for that guy
  15. giyomuSan

    Dwarf Battle Mage and Pony 77575

    Here another one , just finishing base for those guys now , so couple more to post ;)