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  1. Love them. I like the grungy type look. See you again in four years!!
  2. Oh I have this mini tucked away somewhere. This may be one of the best painted versions I've seen. Really well done.
  3. Your painting style really goes well with these classic minis. You pull out the detail and the character of them. Well done.
  4. This Little Mermaid remake is dark!
  5. Ape together strong. Really like your silverback!
  6. I really like it! How big is that guy?
  7. That skin tone really works.
  8. supervike

    44012 Ashana

    Very nice. Love the clean and bright colors.
  9. Nice job. The effect works well.
  10. Cool way to keep painting motivation going. I do indeed like Scarecrow.
  11. Topical, and well done.
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