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  1. I love this type of orc! Great paint and great job giving them character too!
  2. Skin tones do look great!
  3. Wonderful job! Out of curiosity, how long does a figure like that take to print out?
  4. You seem to have a knack for it, these look great!
  5. I've noodeled around in their 'build a figure' thing a couple of times, but always wondered what the actual quality was like. I think I'll steer clear. But, solid job on them, you've made them look great.
  6. Good job! The purple looks especially royal.
  7. I've got a soft spot for Treemen! Lovely figure and nicely done.
  8. Wow, coolest mini I've seen all day! Great job.
  9. This will work great for my little barbarian clan I've been working on. Can't wait to get my paint stained fingers on him!
  10. I really like the touch of green you've added. Gives them an ancient feel.
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