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  1. Really nicely done! The photos are fun too...Feels like a virtual walk thru the Realtors use now.
  2. I normally see your minis on my little teensy ipod screen. (yeah, I still have one) Wow, having them so big on my PC screen, they look even better than I thought. You have such a clean style...just love it.
  3. It's true. We are thinking about getting him professional help.
  4. Tracking enabled! Scheduled for a friday delivery. WOOT!
  5. Has there been any official word from Reaper on this? Just curious, haven't seen an update for a while.
  6. Today marks the one year anniversary of my placing the 5.5 bones order.
  7. Honestly, they seem to have so many Kickstarters and pledge managers, that I'm having trouble keeping track. I think I'm waiting for a couple right now. (also waiting for Reaper 5.5)
  8. Fantastic. Weirdly, I really like the gums and teeth!
  9. Oh!! I like those. And the bad-a$$ looking soldiers too.
  10. It's been humid here...And it seems like it may have been so last time I did this. You know, I think you may be onto something there with the arms. Contact points are pretty finicky on some of those genestealers. I'll pay attention to those things on my next session. Thanks all for responding! Mucho appreciated.
  11. Sorry, I know this isn't a painting question, but couldn't find a better spot. I've been trying to glue together hard plastic models. I've done similar models in the past, years ago, and used Testors Plastic Cement. That glue basically melts the plastic slightly and allows a very strong bond. I've got a whole shoebox of minis that have been glued together, but for some reason, not painted. (actually, I know why they aren't painted, because I have the attention span of a squirrel). Anyhow, these particular models (GW ORCS) are so well stuck together that they are still glued tight. More recently, I've been using the Testors Plastic Cement and it seems that sometimes the bond doesn't want to hold. I glue, lets say an arm on the figure, set it aside and a few minutes later it just pops off. Even the ones that did stick together seem kind of fragile when I move them around. I thought...maybe somehow the Testors Plastic Cement has lost it's magic powers because I've had the same jar for a long time. I got a new bottle, using a new brand called Mr. Hobby. I'm having the same issue, now glueing GW Genestealer Cults (which I'm sure I will totally paint all of them...) Anyone have a issue similar? Is the hard plastic not the same as it was in the past? Am i using too little, too much? Will I ever paint those Orcs? I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions.
  12. I'm pretty sure I ordered that set as well. I haven't got any sort of email about anything. (other than the newsletter) ### Yup, just checked and this is what I ordered. To be honest the thing I wanted the most is the Ravenhome set. I hope it all works out. It's very possible I may run out of miniatures to paint by the end of the century. I better go buy something else, just in case. Option: Townsfolk x1 Option: Encounter - The Bridge Troll's Toll x1 Option: Encounter - Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Option: Henchmen and Hirelings x1
  13. Very inspiring! Lovely lovely job.
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