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  1. Technically this is a WIP since the base is unfinished, but the figure is done-ish..
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I picked up some nice tips from Ian Markon's NMM class at ReaperCon. Regarding the cloak color, it's actually a noticeably darker/different tint of red in person. The photos have washed it out a bit, but I will definitely take it into consideration for future projects.
  3. From ReaperCon swag. I'm still working on my NMM skill.
  4. Thank you! The printer is an Anycubic Photon UV.
  5. Thanks! I haven't made any official measurements since I was just wanting to scale it to fit on my build plate but yes, it's around 54mm.
  6. Thanks! I have been dinged here before for providing commercial links to credit artists. This file is on cgtrader. You can search "naked angel".
  7. I printed this model in resin at 0.05mm layer height. The figure is nude, so pics are provided via link. 3D Print: https://s25.postimg.cc/vuqjudpkv/20180717_154853.jpg Painted: https://s25.postimg.cc/5z6tb3vfz/20180807_230036.jpg I generally prefer projects that feature the monstrous, but I decided to change things up and paint this beauty. Enjoy.
  8. Malifaux: Ten Thunders Shadow Emissary painted as a blue dragon
  9. Thanks, I think the figure is cooler than my paint job!
  10. This is Cool Mini Or Not's Goliath from the Dark-Age Shadow Caste
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