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  1. dmpv01

    77411: Eredain, Mercenary Wizard

    Thank you!
  2. dmpv01

    03912: Remus Raducan, Blood Wolf Castellan

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I picked up some nice tips from Ian Markon's NMM class at ReaperCon. Regarding the cloak color, it's actually a noticeably darker/different tint of red in person. The photos have washed it out a bit, but I will definitely take it into consideration for future projects.
  3. From ReaperCon swag. I'm still working on my NMM skill.
  4. dmpv01

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Thank you! The printer is an Anycubic Photon UV.
  5. dmpv01

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Thanks! I haven't made any official measurements since I was just wanting to scale it to fit on my build plate but yes, it's around 54mm.
  6. dmpv01

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Thank you!
  7. dmpv01

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Thanks! I have been dinged here before for providing commercial links to credit artists. This file is on cgtrader. You can search "naked angel".
  8. dmpv01

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    I printed this model in resin at 0.05mm layer height. The figure is nude, so pics are provided via link. 3D Print: https://s25.postimg.cc/vuqjudpkv/20180717_154853.jpg Painted: https://s25.postimg.cc/5z6tb3vfz/20180807_230036.jpg I generally prefer projects that feature the monstrous, but I decided to change things up and paint this beauty. Enjoy.
  9. dmpv01

    Malifaux Shadow Emissary

  10. dmpv01

    Malifaux Shadow Emissary

    Malifaux: Ten Thunders Shadow Emissary painted as a blue dragon
  11. dmpv01

    CMON Dark-Age Goliath

    Thanks, I think the figure is cooler than my paint job!
  12. dmpv01

    CMON Dark-Age Goliath

    This is Cool Mini Or Not's Goliath from the Dark-Age Shadow Caste
  13. dmpv01

    Lady of Pestilence (NSFW)

    Thanks! NSFW=Not Suitable For Work