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  1. Othikent

    Help Identifying a mini

    Thank you! Random Image searches where turning up nothing and it was driving me batty.
  2. Othikent

    Help Identifying a mini

    I dug this out of a bits box at my local games store. I really like the sculpt but I know absolutely nothing about it besides it being metal. Anyone have any clues?
  3. Othikent

    Bones - Altar and Books from Horror

    Great freehand!
  4. Othikent

    Halloween 2019: Witch Coven

    Great work! I love it.
  5. Othikent

    Finished and based Graveyard Golem

    Nice work!
  6. Othikent


    Nice work. Good free hand.
  7. Othikent

    17308 High Rollers - Bones 4

    I love it!
  8. Othikent

    Snake Cultists 17108 Bones

    Great job! I like the various color schemes, and the OSL is great.
  9. Othikent

    Bones Minotaur

    I like him!
  10. Othikent

    Diabolist #60130

    nice work!
  11. Othikent

    Gentlefolk Miner (Demented Games)

    Thanks! Not sure I think they are. I need to look into the game more to be sure.
  12. Othikent

    Flesh Construct (Wyrd)

    Thanks! Pinning is offen necessary but also impractical for tiny parts. I'm not sure why the hand was separate. Very annoying.
  13. Othikent

    77514 Iron Golem - Bones

    Great work!
  14. Othikent

    Red Box Games Zombies: Warbands of the Dark Beyond

    The glow effect is fantastic. Great job here!
  15. Othikent

    Reaper bones Dark Young 77516

    Great job! Love your choice of color! And the second photo really pops.