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  1. First pass at coloring the main body.
  2. Started painting the cockpit.
  3. so I've been obsessed with the Lancer RPG and busy bringing all maner of its mech into miniature form. Decided recently to make a token to mark destroyed mechs, and it got away from my. Turned into a full scratch building exercise. Complete with open cockpit! I'm very happy with it and almost done just having a hard time deciding on a final color scheme. Also debating on whether or not to use it in a diorama. Here's where I am now. Just a basic tarnished metal undercoat. Some good pics of the open cockpit. In progress shots of the build. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  4. Been awhile since I posted here. I've been busy obsessing over the Lancer RPG and building tiny mechs for it. So I bring another one of my recreations the Manticore! A Direct energy assault frame from Horus. Wreathed in electricity or focused electromagnetics this mech brings quick judgment to it's enemies. It shall Castigate the enemies of the godhead!
  5. Thanks! Glad you guy like them!
  6. Glad you guys like him! As for Eve and Burn-e, I'll have to put them on my list.
  7. Decided to build Build a Tiny Wall-E! Decided my Johnny 5 needed a friend. About 90% scratch built only the head is a preexisting piece.
  8. Been awhile since I posted here. Been working on building mechs from the Lancer RPG and recently completed the full line up of one of the games Mech manufacturers. IPS- Northstar and I thought I'd share it here. A corporation built out of a union of interstellar shipping concerns. Their mech designs are not flashy being originally built off of civilian machines to combat piracy. What they lack in flash they make up for in reliability. The line up Top row from left to right Tortuga, Lancaster, and Drake Bottom row Vlad, Zhang, Nelson, Raeligh, Caliban, and Blackbeard
  9. clump foliage and glue. Glad you like it!
  10. Thanks! Glad you guys like it! It was a challenging build.
  11. And again more Lancer mechs. This Time the Horus Balor a frontline fighter host to a deadly nanite swarm. This was a fun if challenging build, But it came out well. I didn't have a matching right arm so I decided to model it enveloped in the nanite cloud, as if damaged and in the midst of self repairs. Shown again with my Raleigh for scale. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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