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  1. It does indeed. And I have a few of them. Even painted up a couple. Nice miniatures. Slightly smaller scale. But I do enjoy customizing.
  2. SO my brain has been taken over by Cyberpunk. Being me I've turned my obsession onto crafting and started building and painting some Cyberpunk miniatures for If/when I get to run a game of Cyberpunk Red or even Shadowrun. First up is a Solo/street sam type I put together from a Jyn Erso from starwars legions miniature game. Replacer her right arm and left leg and Scratchbuilt a hand. I'd love to Hear what you think. More pics Here
  3. This piece has been haunting my Workbench for awhile And finally finished it up! Display base cobbled together from some bits I had lying around. Link for more pics provided do to possible NSFW content. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH_fEtzHC-j/?igshid=vpn2ulllzng0 I'd love to hear what you all think.
  4. Another set of Power Armors I built. Flight capable models, figure they can be used a Hornets in lancer. For more of my builds visit me here https://www.instagram.com/othikent/
  5. I am doing a lot of kitbashing and scratchbuilding recently. Glad you like them!
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