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  1. clump foliage and glue. Glad you like it!
  2. Thanks! Glad you guys like it! It was a challenging build.
  3. And again more Lancer mechs. This Time the Horus Balor a frontline fighter host to a deadly nanite swarm. This was a fun if challenging build, But it came out well. I didn't have a matching right arm so I decided to model it enveloped in the nanite cloud, as if damaged and in the midst of self repairs. Shown again with my Raleigh for scale. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  4. Thanks! They are my current obsession.
  5. So I bring yet another Mech from Lancer. The Kobold, a 1/2 size mining frame repurposed by our favorite quasi religious super hackers at Horus into a fighting machine. capable of remarkable terrain deformation and sculpting. I added a bit of scatter to represent its core power. The creation of ten size one blocks of terrain. I only had enough foam board to make one right now as an example. Shown again with my Raleigh for scale. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  6. Glad you like it. I used Easy Cast clear resin. Hope that helps.
  7. And another Lancer "Mech" another 1/2 size power armor the Dusk Wing. A "Sustained Areal Harassment" mech. My Raleigh for scale. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  8. About 3 inches at the top of the shoulders. Also glad you like it!
  9. And again more Lancer content! I bring The Barbarossa! The only official size 3 mech available to players. This Siege/anti air frame is armed with the Apocalypse Rail Cannon. A ship class armament capable or devastating battle fields. Shown with my Raleigh for scale.
  10. Only a little bit, its mostly a kitbash. Work in progress shot might give you some context.
  11. Yet another Mech from Lancer. This time the Tortuga a defender/striker mech. And my first size 2 from the game. shown with my Raleigh for scale. I'd love too hear your feedback.
  12. "No Maze is more terrible than the one I make." Yet another Lancer mech. This one from Horus a quasi-religious, sleeper cell/Hacker group/super science group that is connected to a being called RA and distributes frames way beyond what should be technologically possible to "Worthy" lancers. The Minotaur is a controller mech able to fold space in a limited area to create "Metafold mazes" to confuse and trap opponents. "And this is my final lesson: There is no mind greater than mine. Do not weep! you can hear me, yes?" "I am the only thing there is" I'd love to hear what you all think.
  13. I'll need to look into that effect! Thanks. The suit does have secondary arms holding the gun. The red bits are fingers.
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