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  1. Look these crates they, fell out of an airlock. Glad you all like him.
  2. Managed to complete a miniature for the first time in months. Feels good to get back into painting. Picked up the Skylark Crew for battle systems Core Space game on a whim. And decided to paint up captain Weaver. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUQprtgrZ3a/?utm_medium=copy_link Hope you enjoy
  3. Moving on to the coveralls now. Still a bit harsh, but I think it's coming along.
  4. Due to a minor back injury and scheduling conflicts with work, I haven't gotten much done hobby wise for near two months. Gotten a bit done here or there build wise. But this is the first time in what feels like forever I've sat down and put paint to miniature. Not a terrible job for having to nock two months of rust off my painting skills.
  5. Thank you! It was a blast to make all thise little details.
  6. Thank You! It's always a blast adding the little details.
  7. Thanks! Glad you like it! I do need to get a street together so I can display all my cyberpunk pieces together. I'll have to check out the rollers. I just picked up some stuff from greenstuffworld (some resin bits, cable/tentacle roller, ect.) And I'm rather happy with there products so a roller pin may be another thing to check out. Thanks!
  8. More bits and pieces for cyberpunk red. What dystopian city couldn't use more Street food! https://www.instagram.com/p/CPwRyZQHsBF/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. Thanks! The interior was fun but given my construction method had to be painted before being placed and sealed in. So it was a little tricky. But rewarding.
  10. Thanks! This was in fact directly inspired by Cyberpunk! And I may do a Trama team AV in the near future as well. The round parts of the wheel nacelles are actually miniature based. The back ones are GW ones and the front ones came with some Cyberpunk Red miniatures I got from Monster Fight Club. I built the thruster section from styrene.
  11. There die-cut letters for scrapbooking. Just thick paper really I glued them down the used my xacto knife to pry the letter away slightly.
  12. Wanted to share another piece I built recently. What a friend of mine has dubbed the Legion Mazda. A corporate VIP Aerodyne Vehicle inspired by cyberpunk 2077's Rayfield Excalibur. I hope I've done it justice. Mostly happy with the results. Made from foam core, paper, cardboard and a little greenstuff and styrene. Managed to get a working (if a tad fragile and fiddly) door. And this is my first pice incorporating working lights! A departure for me style wise as I had to resist my every instinct and not weather it. Meaning I had to be extra careful with painting in o
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