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  1. Picked up a Carnage for Marvel's Crisis Protocol on a whim and started working on it today.


    Decided to experiment with this one. With a dark blue base followed by a white zenethal highlight. 



    Then I picked out the veins in a Darker blue black. Finally glazed the whole thing in a red ink.


    didn't quite turn out as hoped. The veins turned out rather brown instead of the intended purple. But the main skin rone turned out a nice vibrant red. 


    A series of precise black and purple washes darkened up the veins. Next I'll pick out a few highlights in the black areas and on to details like the eyes and mouth. 


    I'd love feedback. 

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  2. Started on some more Core Space miniatures. This time the Poseidon crew. These miniatures come with incorporated plane bases so I decided not to clip them off like I usually would and work with them instead. This is an experiment for me. Decided to try and do sort of stylized deck plating on the bases. Fairly happy with it, but I'd love feedback. 



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