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  1. Great work! The eyes are a bit, I don't know. Wide, but otherwise you did great. Eyes are some of the most difficult too get right in my experience.
  2. Thank you all! Thanks! I've been trying to work on my fire and glowing effects. It took a bit luckily it was a simple shape so it came together relatively quickly.
  3. Glad you all enjoy it! I had a blast with this project.
  4. Thank you! I built the kiln out of some tiny foam bricks I have. Then filled it with air drying clay to add structure and fill space and used some sand and small rocks on top of that for the coals. The bellows is a hunk of green stuff I sculpted.
  5. Well I started this conversion project awhile ago but it got sidelined for other projects and a commission or two. With the commissions complete I decided to finish this up. I decided to convert Inquisitor Greyfax into a Tech Priestess to give my slowly growing AdMech army a bit of diversity. Very happy with the result, even got a tad brave and threw in some OSL from the backpack. I'd Love to hear what you all think!
  6. Just a quick little paint up I did to work on my skin tones. Fun little mini but I felt it needed something so I put it in this mini diorama. Overall I'm happy with it, I may go back and try some OSL later but for now I'm happy. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  7. Great work! You did a great sculpt justice.
  8. Great work! Just beautiful. And I love the display base is a great touch!
  9. Thank you! Glad you like them. I'd side on just stripping it. The prime job on the wizkids minis are more of a liability than feature in my experience. It has a tendency to be overly thick and uneven.
  10. Just a quick paint up. Decided to leave the wizkids primer in place and man did it give me problems. Paint just refused to stick to a few areas of the miniatures if i applyed any pressure with the brush. Took several layers of paint to shore it up and that clogged up a bit of detail. Over all they came out alright. Love to hear what you all think.
  11. Thank you! it was a fun project. Learned a lot doing it.
  12. Glad you all like it! The main coach came together easily enough. Connecting the horses to the main coach and getting them to line up right was a fight.
  13. Nice work. The color blending is nice.
  14. Nice work. A nice understated color scheme and good texture work on the dress. I Like it.
  15. Final piece of my second commission! It took a bit longer than I wanted to get it done. But as one of the larger pieces I've done so I'm glad to get it done at all. Painting it up wasn't too bad, assembly gave me some problems but I got through them. Over all I'm rather happy with it. Love to hear what you all think!
  16. Very nicely done! The highlighting is very well done!
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