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  1. Thank you all. It was a fun project. Expect more genestealers in the future! Thank you. I thought it was appropriate.
  2. I love this sculpt and you did it justice.
  3. Nice work. Too bad about the issues I'd love to get my hands on this miniature.
  4. I like it! And the shell is well done.
  5. Thank you! Glad you like it. You will find additional shots under the spoiler tab.
  6. Yet another member of my growing Genestealer cult force! Absolutely had to have this model when it came out. I've had it sitting since it was released and decided to give it a paint up. Very happy with the result. Not sure if this will be the final base I give it but for now it's good. I'd love to hear what you all think!
  7. Glad you all like it! Well I used a base I had lying around, flat sides helped. When it came to pouring the resin I made a dam out of packing tape. I folded it over but left a portion of the adhesive exposed so I could fix it to the rim of the base with some hanging down past the bottom. Did my best to make sure it didn't wrinkle and had no air bubbles or gaps. I also used a bit of hot glue underneath for extra insurance against leaks. Next time though I'll have to find something else as the hot glue was a pain to remove. Then I poured the resin (I did tint it blue) once it was cured I pulled the dam off and added the ripples. I just used a few coats of acrylic gel medium stippled with a brush. Once it was all dried I added just a touch of white paint to some of the ripples. As a finishing touch. A few tips as well. I used an old box to catch any leaking resin. And I did have a small leak despite my efforts. Also I would cover the resin while it cures to avoid getting dust or animal hair inbeded in it. Hope that helps. And I hope to see your idea some time!
  8. Picked this guy up awhile ago and finally decided to paint it up. A fun project and my fist resin pour with open sides. The mini itself needed a bit of work to reposition and the arms are a tad flimsy. Not perfect But i'm happy with it. Love to hear what you all think.
  9. I like the modeled skin tones. Good work over all.
  10. Thank you! It was a fun project and I'm glad you like it.
  11. Great work! I like the fire effect around the knight.
  12. Thank you! It doesn't photograph well but the Cape is a cream color for the base highlighted with a buff and finally white as the most extreme highlight. That's simplified but I hope that helps. Thank you! Glad you like the OSL. I'm always so nervous to add it.
  13. Thank you! Wish I could take credit for it but it's a molded detail.
  14. Great work! The eyes are a bit, I don't know. Wide, but otherwise you did great. Eyes are some of the most difficult too get right in my experience.
  15. Thank you all! Thanks! I've been trying to work on my fire and glowing effects. It took a bit luckily it was a simple shape so it came together relatively quickly.
  16. Glad you all enjoy it! I had a blast with this project.
  17. Thank you! I built the kiln out of some tiny foam bricks I have. Then filled it with air drying clay to add structure and fill space and used some sand and small rocks on top of that for the coals. The bellows is a hunk of green stuff I sculpted.
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