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  1. I love this conversation! Great execution.
  2. Thank you. It was a fun project. As for my techniques. Well the mushrooms are just a little bit of green stuff I sculpted up. I did each in two parts. I rolled out the stems gave then a bit of a curve. The tops I started by making a tear drop shape then pressed a sculpting tool into the fat end to widen it out. Then a dab of superglue fastened the stem and tops together. Hope that helps. As for the drool. It's mostly clear styrene rod. I took a candle used the flame to soften one end of the rod and then used a small pliers to stretch it out. If you let go before it cools it will curl up and make some interesting shapes. I did this a bunch a while ago and have a small container of them. From there it's a bit of a puzzle, you just have to find the right ones cut them down and glue them where they look good. I then blended them together with many coats of gloss varnish. Hope that helps at all. I've also see people use hot glue for drool effects, but I haven't tried that.
  3. Great work and a wonderful base. The skin texture is great and the puddle is a great touch.
  4. Thanks! Glad you like it. I've found the wizkids sculpts to be hit or miss. In general I have liked there larger monsters.
  5. Beautiful work! Just great!
  6. Thank you! Glad you enjoy my work! And yes the mini came quite hunched over out of the package. For me the mandibles actually came past where the base was. But it's an easy enough fix. You just need two containers of water, one hot (near boiling) and another cold (Preferably ice water) just partially submerg the mini in the hot water for a few seconds to soften the plastic then pull it out bend it into the right position. And dunk it in the cold water to set it.
  7. Nice! Simple but very striking. The blood is a good touch.
  8. I love this! Great work! I may have to try this myself.
  9. Thank you! Glad you like them! This is one of my favorite sculpts.
  10. Glad you all like it! I love adding these little details to bases.
  11. I painted one of these up around 2016 and decided to give it another try to see how my skills have progressed. I'm rather happy with it, and feel I've made some good progress. The one on the left was painted back in 2016. Love to hear what you all think!
  12. Picked this guy up awhile ago and decided to paint him up. He had some problems common with Wizkids' pre-primed miniatures. Mostly overly thick primer and a few fitting issues. Had to strip him and prime it over again and do a tiny bit of greenstuff work to close a gap in one of the antenna. Once that was done the paining went quickly. Added a bit of drool to add some character and action to the piece. And then I felt the base was a bit plain so I sculpted a few mushrooms and got a tad brave adding some OSL as well. Over all very happy with the mini. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  13. Thank you! The missing eye turned out far more obvious in photos than I hoped it would.
  14. Trying to work on my human-ish skin tones. Fairly happy with how it turned out but I think I still need to work on contrast. Love your feedback.
  15. Nice work! I need me one of these.
  16. Great work very striking! I like the color blending you've done.
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