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  1. Thank you all! Glad you like her. I do need to work on my skin tones and the shirt and skin read a bit to close on camera. I may revisit her and see if I can bring out the detail in the skin a bit more. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Nice work. I agree a bit more contrast would make her pop a bit more. But a solid start.
  3. Nice work. Very colorful and vibrant.
  4. Thanks all! It was a fun project glad you enjoy it.
  5. Glad you all like them. Sound interesting!
  6. That's good for your fist mini. My first miniature was one I sculpted myself and painted with cheap craft paint.
  7. Totally not a bulette. I really like this sculpt. Just a quick speed paint on this one. Spent just as long on the base as the miniature but I'm happy with it. Love to hear what you all think.
  8. Bought this awhile ago, Really happy with how this one turned out. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  9. Just a quick paint job on these guys. Not terribly happy with the sculpt from Wizkids on these, the heads are fine but the bodies of very soft on details. Love to hear what you all think.
  10. Nice work! Just finished one of these myself.
  11. Nice work. The purple and green work well together. And nice work on the bace as well.
  12. Nice work. The bases came out very well as did the horses.
  13. Nice work! The skin tone is great. Aside from the thing with the furs mentioned above, the only thing is the axe seems a bit flat. You could try giving it a dark wash then highlighting with the original metallic color you used. Over all a great job.
  14. Nice work. No need for regrets. Nice clean work you have here.
  15. Thanks everyone! This mini has taken a place in my display cabinet. I love it when a miniature comes together like this one did.
  16. Thanks everyone! Glad you like him. As for the base, I don't have any WIP pics but I can explain. I didn't have any plastic bases big enough so I took a wooden disc I got a long time ago from a craft store. It was about 65mm across and glued the original base to it. I then built up some ground texture using some cheap air dry clay I watered down into a mud like consistency. I added a pinch or two of sand for added texture. I used the ground texture to fill in around and blend in the original base careful to keep it out of the slots for the feet. When that was dry I used a bit of toilet paper soaked in watered down PVA and reinforced the clay where it had cracked. Then I painted it up with a brown and added a few different colored inks then dry brushed it with a lighter color. The last touches where some static grasses and tufts from army painter. Hope that helps.
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