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  1. Thank you! as for the base I made a rough form by stacking foam core in a rough shape. I used a micro torch (an oversized lighter really) to melt and shrink the form into slightly more organic look. Don't actually touch the flame to the foam, just get it near to it. A little goes a long way here and I may have accidentally lit it on fire once or twice. Also make sure to wear a respirator of have a window open, the fumes are not good.
  2. Thank you! It was a fun challenge.
  3. Great job on these. Nice color choice for the nighthaunt minis!
  4. A friend of mine asked me to paint up a dragon from wizkids for her boyfriend's birthday. He's a Warcraft and Hearthstone so she asked me to paint it up as Nozdormu. As it is a display piece I added a custom base. Got a wooden plinth from a craft store and built up the rocks with foam core I shaped with a bit of fire and textured with PVA and toilet paper. Very happy with the results, and this is my first dragon!
  5. Superb work! Her face is fantastic, very lifelike.
  6. Nice, very well done. The base is fantastic!
  7. Nice job! I have a box of old Mage Knight kicking around somewhere. Great resource for bits.
  8. Thanks! Thank you! Glad to give you some inspiration! Hope to see your iteration? Glad you like it.
  9. Great work! I like the color choice.
  10. Finally finished my commission! Thought I'd share a picture of the whole thing.
  11. Nice work here. I like the eyes.
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