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  1. Wanted to share another piece I built recently. What a friend of mine has dubbed the Legion Mazda. A corporate VIP Aerodyne Vehicle inspired by cyberpunk 2077's Rayfield Excalibur. I hope I've done it justice. 






    Mostly happy with the results. Made from foam core, paper, cardboard and a little greenstuff and styrene. Managed to get a working (if a tad fragile and fiddly) door. And this is my first pice incorporating working lights! A departure for me style wise as I had to resist my every instinct and not weather it. Meaning I had to be extra careful with painting in order to maintain a corporate sleek look.


    The name was given to it by a good friend on account of me cannibalizing starwars legions boxes in it's construction leading to accidentally prominent branding and the name stuck. 


    I hope you all enjoy my work.



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  2. Wanted to fill out my selection of scatter terrain for Cyberpunk Red (when I eventually get to run it) so I figured no dystopian hell scape is complete without garbage. I had picked up a set of terrain for Marvel's crisis protocol awhile ago and decided the Dumpsters would be perfect. I couldn't resist slightly modifying one of them to be open slightly and filled the space with some trash. I also made a few pallets and boxes to go with it. 







    Love to hear what people think 

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