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  1. Starting a new conversion project to give my Mechanicus force some diversity. I decided that Inquisitor Greyfax would make a good Tech-priest (I'm not the first) soI got to work. this is what I got done in one sitting. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  2. Great job! I need to get one of these.
  3. I like the effect you got with the eyes. Good work.
  4. Nice work! I have one of these I need to paint up.
  5. I've had these guys painted up for a long while. I just thought I'd share them here. The bases are resin copies of some masters I cast to make basing faster. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  6. Thanks glad you all like them! I probably should have pinned it but didn't. I was in a hurry and skipped that step. I drilled out the hand and opened it up to accept the halves of the scepter and secured it with the old baking soda and superglue trick and it seems fairly secure. If it proves to weak I'll re-secure it with a pin. That said I've pinned Bones on a few occasions. It's necessary with a few sculpts just to get them to stand up strait or avoid sagging. With the softer material you need to be careful that your drill dosn't wonder but otherwise it's not to bad.
  7. Glad you all like them! They where a fun paint and the set comes with a few extra Nurglings as well.
  8. Found this "totally not Orcus" at my local gaming shop and decided to paint him up. I really liked the sculpt save for the scepter, so I clipped it off and kit bashed a new one. I used a few pieces from the some sprues of reaper weapons (got them from a friend, I think they came with Bones III kickstarter) and added a few GW skulls. I am super happy with how my scepter turned out. Love to hear what you all think.
  9. Had these guys sitting around for awhile and decided to give them a quick paint up. Not quite quickly enough to call it a speed paint but I feel the extra time was worth the result. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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