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  1. Well I took an unintended hiatus but I'm back now. Fairly happy with this one and I'm glad to see my skills haven't rusted too much. Hope you all enjoy this.
  2. Thank you all! Glad you like it. It was a fun little project.
  3. Dear Players; Screw Your Gear! Found this rust monster from wizkids the other day and had to make this little diorama. Tried to replicate the first illustration of a rust monster I ever saw. Fairly successful, for a quick little project. It had a few problems and I could have agonized over it a lot more. But I've been really slacking lately and wanted to get something finished and up. Love to hear what you guys think!
  4. I've had these knocking around in my Mini box for a while now. After the Glaivewraiths and lady olynder, I finally felt like painting them up. Just a fun quick paint job. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  5. Love your colors! Great work!
  6. Thanks! I didn't use any special paint, just Army Painter.
  7. Nice work. What did you use for the sea weed.
  8. Glad you all like it! I thought it was an appropriate use for it! The base was a lot of fun to make.
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