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  1. Nice work. Just finished one of these myself. Love the props.
  2. Lovely work! I'm a sucker for dioramas. What brand did you use for the water?
  3. Nice work. I love the pink tones you've achieved.
  4. Glad you like him. He was a fun project, I keep considering adding some strings of saliva to the mouth.
  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you like him. Ya the central eye is molded that way, the iris is recessed into the eye. It comes with a clear piece that's supposed to snap in over it, but I didn't care for it. I've seen someone (Doctor Faust from YouTube, I think) cover it up and paint there own eye over that. I used a fairly high concentration of simple green and water in a cheap ultrasonic cleaner I have.
  6. Good work. Your NMM is well done. I haven't even attempted that technique yet.
  7. Good work. I like your color blending.
  8. Good paint jobs, and the conversion on the Elephant is well done.
  9. Finally found one of these in the wild and had to pick it up. The pre-applied primer on the miniature was bad, far to blotchy and thick. So I stripped it bare, even with the extra work it was defiantly worth it. Had a lot of fun with the painting and basing. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  10. The blending looks good, keep it up. Need more practice with it myself.
  11. Interesting colors, very high contrast. I like the fading you got on the eye stalks.
  12. This is awesome! Always loved the flail snail. I'll have to give the iridescent technique a try myself.
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