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  1. Good paint jobs, and the conversion on the Elephant is well done.
  2. Finally found one of these in the wild and had to pick it up. The pre-applied primer on the miniature was bad, far to blotchy and thick. So I stripped it bare, even with the extra work it was defiantly worth it. Had a lot of fun with the painting and basing. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  3. The blending looks good, keep it up. Need more practice with it myself.
  4. Interesting colors, very high contrast. I like the fading you got on the eye stalks.
  5. This is awesome! Always loved the flail snail. I'll have to give the iridescent technique a try myself.
  6. Great, looking forward to seeing more!
  7. Nice I like the cloak! And I agree a bit of carving and the staff will fit a tad better. As it is it's not bad.
  8. Nice free hand one the tabard and shield!
  9. So right after posting on this I found one of these at a local gaming shop!
  10. Thanks everyone! Glad you like it. Took me awhile to finish, been far too long since I did a custom sculpt.
  11. Great job! I love this sculpt, wish I could get my hands on one. There sold out everywhere near me.
  12. Looks great, good job on the foliage.
  13. Nice work. I have one of these siting on my desk taunting me at the moment.
  14. Nice work! I think the blue adds a good contrast.
  15. Been awhile since I sculpted a miniature from scratch, so I decided to get some practice in. I tackled one of my favorite lovecraftian creatures the Yithians. I haven't seen many miniatures of Yithians that I liked so I decided to make my own. Sculpted from polymer clay and green stuff. A fun sculpt and I'm rather happy with it. Deciding on a color scheme took a few tries, before I was happy however. I have a few WIP shots here I''b love to hear what you all think!
  16. I see it now. Good use for it. I used the lid from a juice bottle for a mini diorama once.
  17. Great work! All ways love a good diorama. The high lighting on the dragon scales is great. What did you use for the base?
  18. Great job! I really like the color work you did.
  19. Glad you like him! I originally planned on a red cape but decided against it. I wanted him to seem ostentatious yet practical and ready for a fight. So I went for bronze rather than gold accents. I keep ending up with heavily metallic paint schemes even though they take far longer to do than I want.
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