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  1. Nice, great Improvement! Hope she sticks with it.
  2. Thanks! Glad you all like it. Good Idea. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks!
  3. Painted this one up awhile ago. I love the sculpt, it was a lot of fun. Took a few hours and finished with a bit of resin in the jar. Kind of blindly guessed at how much resin I needed and got it incredibly close. I was worried that I'd put too much resin in and have it overflow but I got lucky. Unfortunately despite my attempts to straiten them, one of the legs seems to have bent a bit. Fortunately it's in the back so I can ignore it. Hope you all like it.
  4. nice. I like the overgrown look of the base.
  5. Thank you! I'm happy with how they turned out. I always find eyes difficult.
  6. Nice work on the armor and the shield
  7. Another quick paint up, not quite a speed paint but close. I quite like these giant sculpts over all. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  8. Great work! The effort you put in shows.
  9. Nice work. The color is good, I like the dress. I too know the trials and tribulations of getting the most out of a phone camera.
  10. Great work. I like the wings.
  11. Ok. Got him primed now for the hardest part. Deciding on a color scheme.
  12. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like her. She was a fun project.
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