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  1. A fun speed paint, and a bit of an experiment with the unusual skin tone. Love to hear what you guy think.
  2. Nice color work.
  3. Thank you! I rolled a tube of green stuff between two combs. Hope that helps. I used an oven bake polymer clay. A blend of regular and firm sculpy to be precise Thank you! glad you like it. I was never really satisfied with the commercial versions I've seen.
  4. Alright been working on this a bit at a time, mostly in bits and pieces but I finally have it assembled and mostly done. Love to hear what you guys think.
  5. Thank you! Glad you all like them. I suppose he could have stood to have a bit darker red, but I wanted him to pop so I went a bit brite.
  6. I did these guys a few months ago. I challenged myself when I painted these guys and avoided using washes. I'm very happy with the turnout. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  7. Great work! I love the wings.
  8. Great work. I like the vibrancy of the skin.
  9. Thanks! Glad you like it. I'd love to see your interpretation when you make it.
  10. This is a favorite of mine since my teenage years, so I gave it a go at sculpting it myself. Again this was done a few years ago so the paint job and photography are not up to my current standards, but I'm still happy with it. I think it came out better than I could have hoped even if I got the proportions a bit wrong, his legs are far too short.
  11. Thank everyone! glad you like it. It was a fun little project to sculpt. I'll have to post some of my other customs later.
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