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  1. Glad you guy like it. It was a fun little project.
  2. I actually started off my current hobby carrier my making my own minis. I sort off fell out of doing it in favor of traditional miniatures. I've been wanting to get back into the swing of sculpting again, so I decided to tackle one of my favorite member of the cthulhu mythos, The Great Race of Yith. Not much done yet just the main body so far. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  3. Thanks! Honestly I could have probably been more aggressive with the weathering. But the photos are washed out a bit. Photographing a primarily metallic paint job proved a bit more fiddly than I expected.
  4. Found this guy and did a simple speed paint. But I didn't think it was enough, he just seems a bit plain. Since The Iron Golem has a breath weapon of poisons gas in D&D I decided to add a gas effect billowing around the head, to add some character and motion. Not sure I'm happy with it but as an experiment it worked ok. Feedback appreciated
  5. Thank you both. He was a fun little project.
  6. Beautiful! Just Beautiful. Your color work is great.
  7. I love the style of this. Must have taken awhile.
  8. Nice. My first kill as a DM was with one of these guys. Always a favorite of mine.
  9. Glad you both like them. Deep Ones are a favorite of mine.
  10. Painted these guys up awhile ago. Fun little project, and I love the sculpts. Love to hear what you guys think.
  11. Wow thanks! Glad you all like it. Took me forever to finish. I blame the town, that was some work. As for the water. Well I textured the "sea floor" then painted it a grey followed by a dark blue wash then did a drybrush highlight. Poured a bit of tinted clear resin then textured it and built up the waves with gloss gel medium. Then drybrushed a tiny bit of white on the waves. Hope that helps.
  12. I completed this little project right before starting the Big Cthulhu, and it was a bit of a test bed for it. I used the Bonesylvanians Lou for the cthulhu. Fun little project, The tiny town gave me no end of trouble and it took forever to place all the little buildings, the seascape came out well. More detail shots if your interested https://othikent.deviantart.com/art/Little-Cthulhu-Rising-Detail-Diorama-742812255 I'd love to know what you think.
  13. Thank you! I love the Genestealers. Bought an Icon ward on a whim and loved them ever since painting him.
  14. Well I don't just paint Reaper minis. I painted this one up lats year. Rather proud of this guy. I'd love to hear what you all think. I have more detail shots if anyone is interested https://othikent.deviantart.com/art/Genestealer-Patriarch-Detail-Games-workshop-716107576
  15. Thought I'd post some of my earlier work. This is a speed paint I did a while ago. Feedback appreciated
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