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  1. Found this guy and did a simple speed paint. But I didn't think it was enough, he just seems a bit plain. Since The Iron Golem has a breath weapon of poisons gas in D&D I decided to add a gas effect billowing around the head, to add some character and motion. Not sure I'm happy with it but as an experiment it worked ok.
    Feedback appreciated
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  2. Wow thanks! Glad you all like it.


    Took me forever to finish. I blame the town, that was some work. As for the water. Well I textured the "sea floor" then painted it a grey followed by a dark blue wash then did a drybrush highlight. Poured a bit of tinted clear resin then textured  it and built  up the waves with gloss gel medium. Then drybrushed a tiny bit of white on the waves. Hope that helps.

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